Monday, November 30, 2015

If you’re more interested in playing the “hater” card than you are in confessing your own hate; if you want to arrogantly lecture, rather than humbly learn; if you don’t want to feel guilt in your soul when you are guilty of sin; if you want to be enabled rather than confronted, there are many universities across the land (in Missouri and elsewhere) that will give you exactly what you want, but Oklahoma Wesleyan isn’t one of them.
~Dr. Everett Piper, President
Oklahoma Wesleyan University

In this day and time in history, when everyone is offended by everything... this man is a moral compass.I don't know him, I didn't go to this college, I don't attend the church that it is affiliated with... but this is a wise man.

He couldn't have picked better words to tell the campus as a whole, what was inspired by one person... Yet, it wasn't inspired by one person... it was inspired by the attitude of the whole of America it seems, and possibly the whole world. 

Right now, there are people who actually think that they are more worthy, somehow, than anyone else, and that their "feelings" are somehow not to be disturbed... by anything or anyone. 

Don't you dare talk about anything that might make them feel uncomfortable, don't do anything that might make them feel out of place... don't make more money, don't drive a car that is nicer... wear clothing that is offensive, that is too revealing, not revealing enough... pfft...
the list goes on and on and on... 
One person is going to be offended by something that is totally different than another.
This statement was brought about by a student complaining about a sermon...

It's a religious college...

Like the man says, if this offends you, this probably isn't the place for you. 

This is something that I want to say, want to keep in my mind for the time when someone has the audacity to tell me that they are offended by what I say or do or wear... within reason that is... I mean, we have rules, we have boundaries for a reason. To have a society that is together, that is cohesive, we need to have boundaries. It's called a community, or a society, a country, an alliance of like minded people... and yes, it is ok to stretch those boundaries, but really, that is what having a community is all about... a group of people that want to live together even if they are a bit different. What doesn't fit in, are the people that want to come in and completely change the entirety of the community, to suit the needs of one or two individuals. Or to make the community completely change their beliefs because one or two people don't believe the same. 

I have 'friends' that believe that if they are of one religion, or not of any religion... that they should be accommodated by all. They actually believe that everyone should be ok that they are wanting everyone to change and believe either the same, or try to make them 'not believe' in their religions... they mock, they say hurtful things, they chastise... but refuse to think how it would be if it were the other way around.

What if I came to live with a group of people who were all agnostic, or atheist?  Say that I came in...believing in Christ, and wanted everyone to set aside their deep seated belief that there is nothing. That no one is going to Heaven, no one is saved by the blood... it doesn't matter what you do or how you live... that it is all a matter of living and dying and nothing else... 

I want them to change. I want them all to believe the same, or at least let me live with them, live amongst them and never hear a word from them of how I am wrong... of how I am making them uncomfortable... of how I differ from them.  I want them to respect my feelings and to change so that I don't feel a bit uncomfortable in my foreign beliefs. 

Do you really believe that would happen?

Don't kid yourself. 

This is what is being asked every day of our kids in colleges, this is what is being asked every day in our communities, our country... we are being asked to turn our backs on our religion, on our principles, and our camaraderie.  We are being barraged by guilt for being one color, or not enough of another, or heaven help us... mixed colors... we are being barraged by the people who want equality for all... which, don't get me wrong... is a good thing.. but it will never be what this group of people want. It will not be enough to have everyone equal in each other's eyes... it is their goal that everyone is the same on the economic level, the same on religion, or lack thereof, on social levels, and educational levels... the same benefits, the same pay, the same everything...

THIS would be EUTOPIA.

This is impossible. Given human nature, and given that someone, always will be someone... who will want power, will want more, will want to take over. 

It has happened throughout history, in every social and economic experiment ever... there is always someone who will take over, usually a group that will take over, someone will have more, someone will have less, and someone will want to be more, some will be resentful even if their portion is the same.

It just doesn't work. 

What does work is having the ability to make and do what you are capable of doing. 
It might sound bad, it might sound like it is wrong, but it is the only way that people have lived this long. And maybe that is the whole of the problem. We have flourished, we have been fruitful and multiplied... and we have bred a whole generation that is horrible. 
They, the new generation, which is really just an offspring of the 1960s generation... the peace and love and no war... communes are great...

Yes, I want no war. Yes, peace is good. The idea of everyone having the same? The idea of everything being  shared? Not so much. What happens when you get tired of the drudgery? What happens when you get tired of being exactly the same?
This would work if no one has aspirations, no one has dreams. This works if there is no one that is lazy, no one that is sick, no one that can't uphold their end of the work.
But what we forget is that those people that wanted these things in the '60s are the ones that are pushing this socialism thing, but they are the very ones that have gone into corporate America and ruined the system. They are the ones that have been greedy, they are the ones that are inflating and deflating our economy... they are the ones that have made the mess...and now want to change everything because they have made it broken. 

My father's generation, the greatest of all, built up the United States... and yes, she had problems, but she was great.  Industry, learning, economic health, she had them all. Yes there were problems inside, like racism, poverty, but they were being fixed. Today, it seems that we have taken not a step back, but a leap... My father would be shocked at the way we treat each other. He had hopes that our country was going in the right direction, not to what has caused  this chasm that is between our people. 

I don't have a solution.

But I know that the way we're going isn't good.

If you would like to read the entirety of the speech, please click here Oklahoma Wesleyan.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

E-book coming December 1st

Jennifer Lane is about to launch her new e-book, please give it a read, coming December 1st to Amazon.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Writing in October

Here it is the first week of October, the weather here has taken a turn for Autumn today, wonderful cool breezes, nice and always needed rain has graced us, and all is right in the world it seems!
I am on day four of the 31 Days writing challenge. I kind of cheated a bit, using more of my notes than actual substance. We had a Band concert on Friday, so we were at the school then the stadium until late, then back to the school to unload equipment, instruments and then home. Saturday was early Tennis Tournament, and it was hard to get up in time. So I'm taking a bit of a rest today, I published what I had, and know it isn't really in keeping with the spirit of the writing for 31 days... but I did write... so technically, I'm in... but in spirit? I did write, just not a lot.

I'm getting nervous, you know, that nervous feeling when you have a deadline, and it is fast approaching, and you think you don't have enough information, enough skills, enough time to do justice... all those feelings rolled into one?  I'm waiting on a few interviews, hoping they are turned in quickly, and waiting for a few oks for using pictures... and trying to make graphics to use for advertising... and hoping that they will be ok...

I think that the first few days of writing, getting organized, and making sure that everything is on time, in place and links working right, is the hardest part of this challenge. Everything will fall into place, I know, and there is little to worry about after that. I just want to do justice to some of the artists I am featuring.

I hope everyone will join along, especially on the days of the interviews!
My 31 Days- Jewelry- From Concept to Sales

Thursday, October 01, 2015

October 1st!

Good morning to everyone!
Such a wonderful day to be alive and able  to write! Today is the first day of October. Not only is it the unofficial start to Everything Pumpkin Month... it is also the beginning of the Write 31 Days writing challenge. I am so very excited to participate once again, in what can only be described as an endurance test of writing ability!

I have linked up to the Fashion and Beauty sub-category on the Write 31. com page, posted my first post, and have begun advertising on social media. 
Jewely- From Concept to Sales
The past month, I have added another page to my blogs, it is dedicated to the 31 Days series, and will stay in it's place, being added to each year as I participate. After a month of designing, redesigning, and second guessing, I have a page that I like, and will leave as is for at least this year!

Come join in the reading, by either clicking on the links above or by viewing my pages. I will have links to artists and their businesses during the month, as well as other blogs you can visit.
Happy October, and happy reading!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

This writing thing is not what I thought it would be!
This morning I had somewhat of a meltdown. I looked at the outline for the 31Days writing challenge and the lines crossing out potential jewelers to interview... and I wanted to just throw the paper in the trash and either chuck it in... or change my subject!
I have to say, I vented on Facebook... I generally don't vent on G+(Why is that?). I obviously don't communicate through writing well enough to get my point across, because I was told I had anxiety and needed medication.
Then I was told that the anxiety was getting in the way of me looking for a job....
I am asking for interviews for my blog....
I would like to interview people for the blog...
The writing challenge...

No, I haven't chucked it in, yet. I haven't changed the subject, not that it hasn't crossed my mind more than 30 or 40 times today... but I have my outline, I have a few interviews already, I have modified my letter asking for an interview. I've modified my questionnaire for the interview. I have worked on pictures,the linking button, gone back and redone some of my graphics, fonts, sizes and colors..

OK, I admit to being a bit OCD when it comes to getting blog pages to the point I like them, and I hope that other people like them... I want the page to be pleasing to the eye, easily readable, and interesting.  Hopefully, this comes across as looking inviting and professional.

So, back to the story. I have learned my lesson, maybe, to not post to Facebook anything that might be misconstrued. Not that it will matter, anything I say can and will be misconstrued. I guess I have to go to the person that misunderstood me, and gave me advice about medicating...  and apologize for writing like I was manic and a bit anxious. The truth is...I was a bit anxious, but not in the bad sort of way... but in my crazy, mixed up sort of way that I get stuff done if I'm pushed to that point...? Does that make sense?

I mean, I obsess about something, but I can actually make myself decide on a course of action if I am faced with a dilemma. If I have obsessed about something for a few days, I will just turn it off for a bit and I will usually find a solution for the problem rather quickly.  I learned that from Wanda Greene. She owned a floral business and took me in under her wing, so to speak. She taught me the business from the ground up. I got frustrated one day, doing a job that no one else would do, and she came up and asked me what was wrong with the piece. I said I didn't know. She said... walk away.
I looked at her, wondering if she had lost her mind. I had to finish it right then, and get it out. But I did it. I walked to the back of the shop, I got a drink, worked on another project for about 10 minutes and walked back into the room and could tell exactly what was wrong and what needed to happen to get it out the door in maybe 5 minutes.

That works with just about everything. I guess not brain surgery, but with writing it does. With jewelry it does, same with sculpting, painting, floral arranging, and sewing. I'm pretty sure in designing just about anything...

After my little meltdown and subsequent embarrassment on social media... I am ok. I know what I need to do and am implementing the changes to my approach. Things feel better tonight, I feel a bit relieved. We have 5 days to go before the challenge begins and I am ahead of the curve already with my page, graphics, subject, and ... most of all, with my newfound sense of accomplishment!

Join me for the 31 Days Writing Challenge, beginning October 1st. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Coming Up!

It is Fall! Today, the 23rd of September is the official beginning of the season and it is cool and beautiful here in the Western part of Texas!
With the beginning of Autumn, the thoughts of football, changing leaves, hot cocoa, and pumpkins are swirling around. Here in the desert, we don't have the change in leaves like other parts of the country, but we do have football... and it is in full swing now. The Friday Night Lights author, H.G. Bissenger,  was here just this past weekend, signing books for the 25th anniversary of the release of his book. Hard to imagine it has been 25 years, a movie and TV series since that release.

31 Days
With Fall also comes the preparing for the 31 Days writing challenge. I am participating again this year, with what I hope will be an interesting series on Jewelry. It will be a mixture of history, manufacturing, artists, and a glimpse into what goes into making and selling jewelry.  I am excited to write on something that I love, and something that will hopefully intrigue others.

Some of the jewelry artists that are lined up to be interviewed are :
31 DaysRichard Salley
Lorena Angulo
Cristine Pablon
Al Martinez
among others. It should be very interesting and informative.

There will be links to the different artists and pictures of their work. There will be tips along the way, on how to get started in jewelry making, where to learn the trade,  how to set up a workbench, tips on selling the finished products.

I hope you will join along starting October 1st. The Write 31 page is chocked full of blog links to some wonderfully exciting writers, some with blogs that will entertain, some that will inspire, some that will make you cry, but all are intriguing and enjoyable to read.
Throughout the month, I will link to that page, as well as to my pages, so that you can peruse the lists and find something that will interest you. I hope you will take time to visit the artists that I have listed and see their work, maybe even buy some of their beauties.

Hope you'll visit often!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Remembering/Looking Forward

Today, September 11, 2015, is a day of remembrance for the people of the United States, and truly, around the world. It is the day in 2001 that the world changed. It effected everyone, whether you knew someone that died in a flight or on the ground, or not.
Every year, we look back and still say what we were dong on this day, at that hour, at that moment that we found out about the tragedy in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania.

This is also a day to look forward, to what we want as a country to become, what we strive for every day, what we can be, the reason that so many people hate us, and what we stand for. We can become a nation that is strong, brave, and can overcome every obstacle in our path. We can be united, equal and brothers. Not many countries have achieved that, but we can.

Join with me today, to look forward. Join me to pray for the uniting of our United States, and for our leaders, that they have the guidance and wisdom to bring peace and prosperity to our great nation.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Nearly Fall

Here it is, down to the last couple of weeks in August, and I am starting to think about Fall... Cooler weather today (dipped to the upper 80s here) has me thinking that it might just get around to being Fall sometime soon. Though we don't really have "Fall" in this part of the country, we do have a few days of really nice weather. Today was one of those days that I am sure that there is a God in Heaven, and he has sent a couple of days of cool breezes to promise that change is coming.

With Fall, there is change. We don't see the leaves change until nearly Winter, but we have the kids going back to school, Football, the Corn maze, Pumpkins in the stores, and all that goes with the coming of October. I am most excited about the month of October, not for the spooky yard decorations, and not even for the cold spell that comes the week of Halloween... I am excited about the 31 Days Writing challenge!

I'm signing up again for the challenge... I know, I know, last year I probably said something like... shoot me if I ever do this again... but... even with all the crazy  stuff that happened last year, and even though I complained that I was behind... I want to try it again this year!
I am going to really have it organized better, and now that I have decided early... not like 3 days before it starts... I will have my outline really concrete and stick with it (last year, I think I tore up my outline after the first day... nearly changed topics, and did cry a few tears). This year... I'm excited to say... I am determined to finish each and every day!!

Visit the new home for the challenge blogs, at My 31 Days  and the blog list at My Blog Series 
If you have any suggestions on making the site more navigable or more readable, please leave me a comment. I appreciate any comments!

See you in October!

Monday, July 06, 2015

Wanting to paint!!!

I've been wanting to paint for a while, every day it seems, but life and work always get in the way... sometimes I just can't stand it and will paint something that I have made just to fulfill that craving... I can't seem to find time to pull out my easel though.

You know, I might just have to today...

My son went to camp yesterday, and while we were driving to and from we were able to see what the recent rains brought to our arid region... bodies of water that normally would be fields of corn, cotton, or sorghum! What a treat! I didn't get a good picture, since I'm not driving... I can't just stop the car and take pics like I normally would... that and we were running a bit tight on schedule...

but I was able to take a few pics on the way home of some sunflowers... that would make a beautiful painting, but I really wanted to capture the water that we saw... and I came acros this article today, how timely!

How to paint light on water - How To - Artists

So, I visited the site and thought, wow... I need to get my paints out!

I really want to, but I know in my heart that I will just pine away and want to paint and just never do it unless I make myself...

I always say that I crave oil paint... and I think it is addictive... the smell, the feel, and the 'high' you get when you are creating... it is a drug for me!

OK, I've talked myself into doing it... just step away from the computer... take a break on working on jewelry, and remember that I don't have to make dinner tonight... and I'm going out onto my back porch and setting up my easel!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Pioneer Woman... again she's giving stuff away!!

I usually start drooling when I go to The Pioneer Woman's page. There are yummy treats that will make you do that... but also the weekly (or so it seems, sometimes it seems daily) giveaways that are drool worthy capture your attention in no time...
Today, it is this beautiful mixer... and you know how i love this color!!!
Pretty, Pretty Blue Mixer.  What on earth can you say???

Give a look at some of the recipes, or gander at her beautiful and enchanting photos of life on a ranch, homeschooling? there's that as well, TV shows, Cooking of course...Home and Garden, got you covered... and well.. just go look!

Ree Drummond is multi-talented and just the person that you wish was your best friend. She's that nice.  Funny? you got it, she would keep you in stitches, and I know she is more than intelligent, she's got a bunch of kids that she's homeschooled... all the while she runs a business and household, and... well, she's a go-getter.

I've signed up for this beautiful mixer, you should, too!

Friday, June 05, 2015

End of school- for the 7th grade

It is always with deep pleasure that I write about the end of the school year. We start a countdown weeks in advance to the minute we are free... free for the Summer that is... and we have been in countdown for several weeks this year. The school year included time in June, which in my day was unheard of... and this year it included a makeup day on one of our countries sacred holidays. Well, I say that, but you know, it is fast becoming just a day to have the first bar-b-que of the year... Memorial Day.
Traditionally this day has been to remember the dead of the War between the States. but it grew into remembering all our fallen soldiers. To many, it is a day to remember that we aren't free without the shedding of blood... and that takes on such deep meaning.

a few of my son's awards... I am very, very proud, but the medals
 don't have anything to do with it!
So, We are officially in Summer now. But this year has been a bit different from all the past years. I suppose it is because my son is getting older, but there seems to be a bit more in there. Maybe that he isn't in elementary any more, that makes a huge difference, but that he is not being awarded a lot for being one of the good kids. I mean, they kind of created an award system for kids like him in elementary. Giving "leaves" on the "Kindness Tree" and "Good Citizen Award" for those kids that didn't get anything else, but were so good in class...He's one of those kids that you just don't really have to discipline... he's not one of those kids that will ever make the perfect attendance, or the most outgoing... or even the most athletic. He's pretty average I guess. I do think he's terribly intelligent. He, at 12 years old, has already taken the college entrance (ACT) exam, and he is in the Duke TIP, and he received the Presidential Achievement Award last year.. but that is simply from me and a few people that really loved him a lot pushing him and pushing for him.

It has been hard with his dad passing away so early in his life. Without that bit of manly guidance, he has had to learn many things from me, which I know is embarrassing for him and for me. He has taken a long time to get over his dad passing. I say get over... to heal is a better word. He will never 'get over' him passing away.
 We were talking yesterday morning before he got out of bed. We do that a lot, just hang out in the morning before we have to get busy and out the door. I think of his father when the boys were young. They were always  wanting to get him up because they were bright and shining and he was slow at waking... the boys would go and jump on him and start a wrestling match, each taking turns at crawling around, over, and under (his bent legs) and flopping on his belly...
When my son and I talk about the 'old days' it is nice and calmly, we don't cry anymore. We  can actually have a  good laugh talking about that time when things were right in the world. These are the things that I want my son to remember about his dad and about me as well, that time we spent together.  I want him to remember him climbing onto his dad's arm and hanging like a monkey for dear life. I want him to remember when we went to the ball games or the hockey matches. I want him to remember the walks in the park, the camping trips, the picnic under the tree, tickling and laughter...

So the end of school this year was kind of bittersweet. My son was really ready for school to end, but was really going to miss the other kids, the schools are changing now, into "Middle School" and there is the potential with the new zoning that they will not be together again...
Award day came around,  the boy  did get one award... the  A-B Honor Roll..which was an honor,  but there was nothing about him being a really good, quiet, hard working, really good kid.... and I guess I was kind of let down. I think about the sadness when he found out he wouldn't be allowed to have the award for no absences... because his locker stuck and he was late for class several times... he had a substitute teacher several times when it stuck and that teacher couldn't help him, so he was unexcused to his next class. One day, a substitute counted him absent when he was there. He got detention for the tardies, I handled the absence through the principle. But for getting detention he was given an absence for his tardies... which put him out of the running for never missing a day of school.. which you might think is nothing, but to him it was crushing.
I can tell you a bit of how my son feels about school. He has always been excited about going to school. From a couple of years before being able to go to school... my son has begged to go. He has cousins that are older and he always wanted to go to school like they did.
 My son wanted nothing more in life than to have friends and teachers and to be in a school building.After a rough first day, things settled in and my son made friends quickly, even though he spent the whole year NOT talking to anyone.
The boy didn't talk the whole year in class. His teacher liked him, because he was never a problem. He was sick a lot, I complained a lot about sanitary conditions... and we got a letter stating how school policy allowed only X amount of missed days...

First grade was basically the same...Just add in Whooping Cough... yes he had his vaccinations....we found out the hard way that they don't completely prevent this... just make the case less severe (or so they say) Many, many other kids had it as well.
Second grade, ditto... just change whooping cough to strep throat
Third, fourth, fifth, sixth... all the same.
I had to go to a mandatory counseling session because he had missed too many days... I complained to them... and was excused...
I mean, we had doctor's notes for each time...and in 6th grade, my son's grandfather passed away, my mother had major surgery... I had surgery on my eyes... blah, blah, blah...
You can see, however,  how it would have been a wonderful thing if my son had been able to finally have some sort of award to show that he made it to school every day... but, well, the school knows best, right?

I had to stop myself.


 WHAT was I thinking? What did I just say???

There is not anything that I should be upset about.

My son actually got an award... Hey, the A-B Honor Roll is a good award.

There are so many kids that were sitting in the stands that didn't get any award. A couple of my son's friends are really good kids, but they never get awards... They have struggled day after day and never have been singled out for an award... They are good kids and they really try at school...ok, one I can think of that  is a good kid, but he doesn't really try... but you know what?

There are kids that have parents that are drug addicts... that have been tossed around, who have been basically on their own... there are kids that are in hiding from one parent or another because of violence... there are kids that are in violent situations... there are kids whose parents work all the time, that aren't there for any function...There are kids that have learning disabilities that are so severe that they just can't function...

Why should I be so worried about a piece of paper or a medal... when my son has been so blessed. Yes, blessed.  Yes, he lost his father way too early, yes this last year was hard, his grandfather dyig and so much with my mom... Yes, he has been terribly sick over the years and has had to struggle, and we are broke all the time, struggling some months to stay afloat, but hey! He is a very intelligent, strong, kind, loving kid... He will make it without something to "prove" that he is special.

It is me that needs to see that.

I had been moping around for a week before I realized this... and then I came across this today: For All the Parents Whose Kids Won’t Get an Award . Sara Borgstede wrote this poignant blog that made me stop in my tracks at wishing for more...Why is it we are so blind to what is really important?
It made me want to cry.
You see...
I know what it is like to not get an award. Me who fights so hard for my kids...

I was one of those kids that moved a lot,
I was one of those kids that didn't have a parent come to much of anything...I love my mom, but she just didn't have much time for that sort of thing especially after my father died, I always felt alone.
I was one of those kids that was sick all the time, that had more days out of school than in, some years. I was the kid that wanted to go to school, I wanted to learn but struggled because of my eyesight and hearing.
I was that High School kid that worked at the fast food restaurant, and struggled to buy gas for an old beat up car, because my dad had died when I was 14 and it was just my mom and I.
I was that kid that was bullied for years.I wore thick glasses and was awkward.

 I protect my kids vehemently.

Is that why I want so much more for my kids?
Is that the reason that I push my kids so hard to fit in?

That is the reason that I worked hard to be able to get my kids the things they need and the things to help them get ahead... I pushed my daughter for years to do better, to get out there, to work hard and be a part of anything she could.
I have tried to push my son, into doing better in academics, but I haven't been able to push him socially. I mean, he is never going to be outgoing... my daughter isn't either, but she is better than she used to be. I made sure she was in Girl Scouts, Church Groups, Ballet, Gymnastics, Tap, Jazz.... She was in Band, and I tried to get her out there... to be able to have some sort of foot up even though we weren't wealthy or socially acceptable...
But with my son, it has been so difficult to push so hard. I mean, he's doing more than some kids... but we didn't do Boy Scouts. He wouldn't talk to the leader... and they have to to get their badges. It was just after my husband passed away and he just wouldn't talk, and I didn't have the energy, quite literally, to be present and to coax him...
He did play football, which gave him that 'cool' status, but got a couple of hard, hard hits...
He plays tennis now, and he's pretty good at it, but he won't get an award for it...
He plays in the band, and he's pretty good at it... but he won't get an award for it...

I need to know that it is ok... that he won't die because he doesn't get recognized... it could be so much worse. I do know that.There is no reason to wish that our kids are recognized or even to be upset if they don't excel to some high set goal... What is the mindset here? WE are blessed.
We are truly blessed.
Blessed beyond what we need. We go through such trivial, first world problems, and are not in true need. There are so many examples around us of need, true need. Throughout the world we see people living in strife, squalor, pain and suffering, with fear, persecution, and famine...
All the while:
We eat, we have shelter, we have clothing, and so much more. We have love.
Our family may be dwindling, but we still hold on to each other. WE are a family, my kids and I. And we can choose to let others in, and to let others be part of our family, and we can, as a family, face most every problem there is
... and that is probably the best comfort, and best reward there is.

We don't need no stinkin' award!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Family, home and school

This is one of those posts that I love.
It isn't about how bad things are, or how much I can't cope...
Posting today is such a relief!
Mom had a doctor's visit on Monday, and it was very, very good. They took out staples and she made it through like a trooper. She was so very, very tired but she is alive! She is coping, and she is actually doing so much better than just a couple of weeks ago.
I had pretty much given up all hope of her living.  I hated to be so depressed and sad, thinking that she would just die and it be so painful and horrible, and that i just never really thought she would go that way...

But what a difference a day makes, and what a difference a good doctor makes... what a difference love and caring make!

The doctor said we had really made the right decision with having mom go through yet another surgery. He said that she surprised him with her speedy recovery... and that he thought she was doing so much better, he didn't need to see her again for a week.

What a glorious pronouncement that is!

Mom has fooled us all over the years. She is a tough old boot. At 90, she is still able to go through major surgery, two at once to be exact, and to come out of it and to thrive.  It gives me hope, hope that we will have that bit of extra time... that we have cheated fate and will use every spare minute to love her the best we can.

She had entered what they call a "medical resort" ! What is actually a retirement home, nursing home if you will. The first two months will be intense rehabilitation. So far they are having her lift weights with her leg, try to stand with help, and to strengthen her arms to be able to  use a wheel chair. The food is amazing there. They serve what seems to be really wonderful food, hot, fresh and appetizing, and she is able to eat on her own.

Mind you, she is not out of the woods... she had a possible infection in her right leg, but the doctor gave her antibiotics for a week, and we will see how that goes, but all in all, she looks great. Getting some color back into her and is getting stronger every day so she seems to be so much better.

To any of you that knew what was going on, thank you for your prayers for her and our family.
This has been a burden as well as a blessing. I have spent as much possible time as I can and our household is suffering, as well as my sweet boy. He has missed time for assignments, and school activities, but he is a trooper! This is so much more important than anything else!
If you are a praying person, send some our way, if not, just send good thoughts, I know that the power is there.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Playing Catch Up

I have been trying to get my Year of Jewelry blog posts caught up today. I took a lot of pictures of work that I have done... and try to match them to the weeks that I made them for. It has been hard, and I didn't realize that I was so far behind. I feel like I have lost a whole month... and pretty much have. Mom was in the hospital for three different problems... and now... well... between that and my son... I haven't been home much in just over a month. I really hadn't realized it had been that long until after I blogged about the Bead Peeps Swap 'n' Hop... I thought it had been a few weeks... and today, while I was taking pictures, I thought... Wow! that's a lot of jewelry... and then I started trying to catch up with the blogs... and man... I did a bunch and didn't get caught up. I looked and thought, yes... I am done... nope... only in April!
How time flies... and don't let anyone lie to you... it isn't just while you are having fun!
 I looked at my son today and realized that he has grown another inch in the past month! How?
How on earth can he grow so fast?
His voice is starting to change! How funny is that?
No, it isn't funny... it means that he is going to be hitting puberty soon... ergh!!!

Well, if you get a chance, take a look at the Year of Jewelry page. Not great work, but it is mine. I'll try to get more posted... and if you get a chance, look at the blog hop page as well. Now, there are a couple of pieces on there that are pretty nice!

Sunday, May 03, 2015

When you are in the midst of crisis...

When you find yourself in the midst of crisis... whether it is personal, familial, financial or... well... one of those huge disasters that effects millions, what do you do?

We found ourselves... my whole family, in the midst of medical crisis several times this year alone. My dear mother, who is the rock of the family I guess... has had numerous battles thus far in 2015.  I suppose over the past 60+ years she has had one after the other, and she has always bounced back, each and every time... but with less quickness as time has passed.
This time, it is going to be a slow and painful process... as she is not really ever going to be the same.
Right now, I thought I could write about the ordeal, but I guess it is for more private writing. It is still too fresh and painful to be able to write where anyone else could read about the long and drawn out affair...

Well, in good news, we are handling it. as a family, I suppose. It can't be all horrid and painful news without some spark of light, can it?

How do you handle a crisis? How do you keep your sanity when all around you seems to be insane?

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Blog Hop Reveal Day!

Today is the day of the big reveal for the Bead Peeps Swap 'n' Hop! I've been excited about showing the items that I made,but I have been even more excited to see what my partner Alicia made!
the blog is  under the tab  "Jewelry Bloghops"
Please click on it and see the pieces that I made and visit my bead partner, Alicia, at her blog All the Pretty Things and be sure to scroll down the page and use the link to find the other participants in this blog. There is some really beautiful work out there!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Keeping your hands busy-Again

While mom was in the hospital this time, I tried to keep busy crocheting again, I tried to do as many butterflies as I could, and I did a few more white with smaller thread, and a multi-colored and a hot pink one... but I was interrupted so often that I kind of gave up... one day I took my beads with me, thinking that there was the possibility of getting some of my swap n hop projects done... nope... the only time that there would have been enough time at a stretch to work on them was during the night... the first few nights after surgery, the nurses were in the room every half hour after that, they were in every hour, and the last night it was two hours in between!! YES! Honestly, I wasn't able to sleep much but I couldn't really work either. The lights needed to be low because Mom was so tired, she needed every bit of rest that she could get... so I sat in the dark or semi-dark and either crocheted or just sat.
It is so hard for me to just sit...

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

keeping your hands busy

While my mother was in the hospital recently, I needed to keep busy while visiting. I can't sit long, and when I am sitting, I have to have something in my hand or I go crazy. When it was time for her to eat, I was ok. I helped her eat and I was occupied, but when it was quiet, and nothing to keep my mind from roaming... it was pretty boring and know me.. when I'm bored, I can get into trouble... What is that saying about idle hands being ?
I took some thread to work with to keep me out of trouble. Not that it helped much, I still had way too much time on my hands. But... I did get a couple of things made. First a shawl for Mom. It started out to be a lap blanket, but when I realized that she was going to leave the hospital and her dress to leave in was sleeveless, I turned it into a quick shawl for her shoulders. I didn't take a picture of it, or her... and I could kick myself. The dress looked very, very nice on her.
The other item I made was a baby wrap. It is a piece of linen that I've had forever, and thought it would be a nice summer blanket for a little one. It is a turquoise color of linen that I picked out when I needed a couple of shirts after I had my son. I thought the linen would be nice and cool... but I never made the shirts. When I would start to sew, my son would be fussy and I just gave up trying to get much done. I folded the linen and put it away, and forgot about it!
just started to tack down
A few years ago, I came across the linen pieces while cleaning up my sewing room and moving things out. I used some of the coral color that I purchased at the same time. It was used in a quilt and a few bonnets, but I saved the turquoise.
I think it is coming out ok. First the crocheted edging and then I made a crocheted butterfly for the body of the blanket. I like this pattern. I've used it for over 30 years for numerous projects. I think the first was for a blanket for my daughter... then a skirt, pillowslips... and back to blankets! It is fast, and pretty and I really love that it looks like a butterfly.

I just got started stitching it down to the linen when they announced that Mom was going to be dismissed, so I haven't finished tacking it down, but it will look better when fully finished. Crochet is a lovely way to keep the hands busy. I think next time I'll make a set of mittens or something a little smaller. Maybe a cap... this size is pretty small (30"x30") but it was hard to keep from shifting off my lap. Think a smaller project would be easier to handle. Last time she was in... I knit an infinity scarf... it turned out ok and was easy to handle.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

One day at a time

The weeks have flown by, never a dull moment with me and my house.
The first of the year brought cold, colds, and lots of work.
My mother had a bad cold that left her feeling terrible. She turned 90 the end of the month and she seemed to be going downhill quickly. But she perked up a bit, after she was over the 'cold' or whatever she had... We had it in the house as well, my son came down with it first, so I am pretty sure it came from school. He now has manflu... not just a cold anymore. sheesh.
So, February brought my birthday, Valentine's, and work, work, work...
March brought the Scottish-Irish Faire... and more work,work, work...
April has brought more sickness for my mother. She's been in the hospital again, which is so sad. It is hard to see her suffering. But... for 90, I guess no one can be without some problems?
There are so many projects that I started, some that I never finished due to time, energy, and money restraints... and some that I have finished and am pretty proud of.
I made a couple of mirror frames for a two little girls, I think they came out pretty well. Was happy that they were delivered without too much trouble...
I say without too much... I broke a mirror.... before I put it in the frame, then one that I had already put in the frame... yikes!  but got them to their house without more trouble...

 They were totally different themes, one was faeries, Pegasus, and flowers, the other was underwater theme... with mermaids and fishes... I like how they turned out.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

swaps and hops

I received my package from my beed peeps partner Alicia Marinache and was so excited to see the goodies that she sent! I love that we have similar tastes and similar ideas of what to send. Neither one of us had any idea what the other would send... but it was similar none the less!
she sent some of the prettiest etched brass components that I have ever seen! I think they are quite lovely and can't wait to use them!!!
She also sent a glass pendant, a ceramic pendant, and a beautiful worn shell, one that has been washed by the tide and sand and is smooth and beautiful!!! I love working with shells!!!

By the way, I never buy purple for myself, but I felt like adding some glass beads that I had received and never used, and they had blue and purple together... so I bought some purple beads to go along with them! And what did Alicia send me?? Nearly the same colors!!! When I sent them, I thought... hmmmm.... those are really pretty! I nearly kept them! LOL!!!  So.. I sent her some resin 'sea' components... and she sent me some polymer 'sea' components!!  I LOVE THEM!
Somehow I missed this picture! I love the color~
            I sent her some purple glass... she sent me some purple!! I love this swap!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Items that I sent to Alicia were very similar in color and material! I sent a polymer clay mokume gane  that I made, some resin 'shells' and resin pendants  and ceramic beads and a Lapis Lazuli teardrop and some glass, Czech, and crystals and even a few seed beads to play around with... I had a few spools of wire that I threw in, oh, and a strip of 'silk' that I thought she might be able to work in somehow. I had hand dyed it and then found out that it wasn't silk well, it is half silk and half polyester! anyway, I thought it was pretty!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Weather and pictures

The weather has been wonderful here the past few days, it has been over 60 each day, which for this time of year is quite normal for our part of the country. I live in the desert so we don't get much in the way of rain and snow, but when we do, it doesn't last long. A couple of weeks ago we had an ice storm that was
 amazingly beautiful and frightening at the same time.  We didn't lose any tree limbs, but the next door neighbor lost a few really large ones and trees all up and down the block lost multiple branches... We were lucky, there were trees down all around the area, some hitting houses or vehicles. We were also lucky this storm that we never lost power, the lights flickered quite a few times. Last year we lost power while we were in Alpine for the Art Walk, We were iced in there, by the time we got home, the ice was pretty much gone here... I only knew that we didn't have electricity by the appliances and clocks around the house flashing.  Year before last, we were without electricity for a whole day, ok, so that isn't bad, but this house is total electric... no electric, no warm food.
We kept the birds fed and with accessible water, the real ice only lasted a couple of days, but the leftover bits in the shade lasted nearly a week. Brrrrrr. I think we adopted more doves than ever before. One day I counted 30 and the sparrows are too many to count.  I love the doves, but so does the hawk that keeps an eye out on the yard. One day he swooped down and grabbed one of the Mourning Doves out of the tree. Now they post a watchbird that will keep an eye out for the others. He is really pretty sitting with his neck craned and watching the sky constantly.
The Guard

 Then we have some of the doves that will fly up and bang on the door, I am not sure if they are trying to get our attention or if they are just stupid and run into the door. They do it whether the inner door is open or not, so I don't think it is because they think it is an open space, but I don't know why they do it. One cheeky little thing will come up to the door and beg.
Elka loves to sit in front of the door watching the birds until they get used to her, then she will pop up and bark or paw at the door and the birds will scatter en mass, she has a satisfied smirk on her face as if she has done a great deed and will be rewarded... I complain to her... leave the birds alone.... Ginger, the new dog... the little micro red heeler that we adopted just before Christmas will run to the door and bark, scaring the birds off, then she will wag her tail... telling me that she has been a good girl and needs a treat... I'll admonish her as well, but as she is still way too skinny, I give her a treat anyway.
Ginger surrounded by her mess

On the new dog front, we are getting used to having a smaller dog around. We still miss MacIntyre, but I'm kind of liking the smaller dog. One, she doesn't take up so much room... she has a regular dog bed, not the oversized humongously big bed that takes up 6 square feet of space (though she will sleep on the big bed just to annoy Elka), she doesn't eat us out of house and home. Ginger doesn't take up a whole couch(seriously, I bought the huge pink couch just so Mac would have a couch to lay on... sad but true)... matter of fact, she doesn't sit on the couch much, Elka take up the whole love seat and I won't allow them on is  the pink couch, I know, I know, that isn't nice... but that was Mac's couch and now that he is gone, it is my couch!    Another thing, Ginger can come into my workroom without knocking everything
Elka laying on Ginger's bed, doesn't fit..
off shelves with either her tail or just by bumping into everything... that is pretty nice in itself. Mac used to come in my workroom and literally knock books off shelves, boxes, saws, anything and everything. Elka doesn't come in my workroom often, she doesn't like to lay down in there, and she doesn't really want to be around anyone anyway. She is so much like a cat... she will come in, knock stuff down, get pet and a nice scratch behind her ear and then leave... Ginger will come in and lay down by me and stay for hours. Which leads me to number one reason I like her, she will lay on my feet... I can't tell you how nice that is! I have terribly cold feet, I like having the small space heater on them and I now share it with the little critter. She is a girl of my own heart... she is cold all the time... I guess or else she has no nerve endings... she sits as close as possible to the little heater, hogging it to herself, which is ok by me as long as she lays on my feet and keeps them warm!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Year of Jewelry

 Year of Jewelry 2015 is upon us... This year, I jumped in and have been working for three weeks so far. My Talisman, for the first week of January was a bead embroidered piece that just pushed itself on me. I needed to do it, so it became my 'talisman' for the year's work.
It is jasper, pearls, cultured pearls, crystal pearls, glass 8/0, glass 10/0, glass 15/0 seeds, howlite, flat glass beads .
I know it isn't the greatest work, but... I really enjoyed the process, and I didn't sketch it out so I was impressed how it came together without too many mistakes. The needle just kind of took over and did the work for me! lol.

Second week, I used beads leftover from the 'talisman' and my bag of leftover beads that needed to be used to come up with the necklace that was kind of odd... The pendant is copper that I pierced and sawed in the shape of a bird, I flame colored it and this is what I came up with...

 Week three is for a tutorial, so I made a right angle stitch using the beads for another challenge... True Blue challenge from Pine Ridge Treasures
It is pearls, glass pearls, frosted glass, crystal and the cute little pendant is one I got from Lori Anderson that she got from someone else... it is glass with a ruffled skirt, I thought it looked like a pretty little flower so I put stamen in the center. I think it needs something else, but I'm not quite sure what that would be... I need some dangley something. It just seem unfinished.
I have week four already started, in between working on stuff for the upcoming fair, it should get done by next Friday!