Monday, March 04, 2013

the pretty beaded bead focal
I've been working on my beads, little by little. I am not sure about either of the necklaces that I am making. The stone beads are beautiful and I love what I have been doing with them, but really, the overall look is not to my liking, so I may take them out and start over. The other necklace, the one with just glass seeds and the magnificent beaded bead is alluding me as well. I tried this pattern that I have been working with, trying to get it to be my own... a knotted chain, and it is pretty in theory, but so far I am not pleased with the results. I took out the 11/0 beads and started with 8/0 and then took out those and tried again with 8/0 and the 11/0 in a variation in the variation, and I am still not happy, I know that I can get it if I just try hard enough!

Second Beaded Bead Focal... I am about to take it apart...
We are all over our sniffles and tummy troubles... my son got the tummy stuff as well, but he's much better, though he came home today with a really bad headache and tummy ache, but the wind is at about 50 mph and dust, debris and small animals floating by. I have a headache as well and my nose is stopped up... just allergies, and I am sure that is what is wrong with the boy. Just allergies. We eat breakfast at about 6:30 in the morning, his lunch at school is at 12:30pm. That is a long time to wait to eat, and I am sure that he was starving on top of having all that drainage from the dust, etc... ugh.

I have been cleaning house again, and I have a ton of stuff for a garage sale, and if the junk doesn't sell, it is off to the charity shop with it. My bedroom was a mess, seems that is where everything goes when we have company over, either that or my workroom, and it had been full of garage sale sacks so there went my bedroom. I moved out stacks of linens that had been washed, stacks of blankets that needed to be stored, the game table... I don't know how that ended up in my bedroom... I don't play games in there and the only thing I could think of was that I stored it in there for Thanksgiving... I plead that I was sick and don't remember... So I can walk into the bedroom without tripping on, knocking over, or breaking anything!!! I was proud of myself. I have to tackle the desk in there, and I would love to move it out along with the file cabinets, but I have to have them I guess. I have my other desks full and really have to use them for bank records, receipts, and... well, everything else.  For a paperless society, there sure is a lot of paper I have to keep.

So other than that, we have been tremendously busy, this weekend was nothing but running, not doing things that I need to do, but doing some stuff that was fun, and we have company in, which made it double the fun? But we are all worn out. My son, after coming home sick, and after eating a ton of food, went to bed and has been asleep for the past 4 hours... I am exhausted and want to go to bed, the dogs slept pretty much all day without moving, I think we wore them out as well... Good thing this is a short week. The kids get out of school for the West Texas Relays Friday, then it is Spring Break... YIPEE!!! I think we are going to spend some of the time away, but I think the garage sale comes first... guess what is forecast for the weekend? Yep, it is the first weekend of Spring Break and the WTR.... what else would be forecast other than rain???? so maybe we will wait until the third weekend of the month and see if a garage sale will go over well... you know if we plan on having it then, next weekend will be wonderfully warm and dry... Always happens though that it is either really cold, really windy, or really wet for the Relays. Always.

Welp, time to cook dinner, wake up the kid and the dogs, eat and go back to bed! I am really tired. Not that anyone else will be, We are eating light tonight, maybe we will read for a while before bedtime. No beading for me tonight,