Tuesday, April 07, 2015

One day at a time

The weeks have flown by, never a dull moment with me and my house.
The first of the year brought cold, colds, and lots of work.
My mother had a bad cold that left her feeling terrible. She turned 90 the end of the month and she seemed to be going downhill quickly. But she perked up a bit, after she was over the 'cold' or whatever she had... We had it in the house as well, my son came down with it first, so I am pretty sure it came from school. He now has manflu... not just a cold anymore. sheesh.
So, February brought my birthday, Valentine's, and work, work, work...
March brought the Scottish-Irish Faire... and more work,work, work...
April has brought more sickness for my mother. She's been in the hospital again, which is so sad. It is hard to see her suffering. But... for 90, I guess no one can be without some problems?
There are so many projects that I started, some that I never finished due to time, energy, and money restraints... and some that I have finished and am pretty proud of.
I made a couple of mirror frames for a two little girls, I think they came out pretty well. Was happy that they were delivered without too much trouble...
I say without too much... I broke a mirror.... before I put it in the frame, then one that I had already put in the frame... yikes!  but got them to their house without more trouble...

 They were totally different themes, one was faeries, Pegasus, and flowers, the other was underwater theme... with mermaids and fishes... I like how they turned out.

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