Sunday, April 05, 2015

swaps and hops

I received my package from my beed peeps partner Alicia Marinache and was so excited to see the goodies that she sent! I love that we have similar tastes and similar ideas of what to send. Neither one of us had any idea what the other would send... but it was similar none the less!
she sent some of the prettiest etched brass components that I have ever seen! I think they are quite lovely and can't wait to use them!!!
She also sent a glass pendant, a ceramic pendant, and a beautiful worn shell, one that has been washed by the tide and sand and is smooth and beautiful!!! I love working with shells!!!

By the way, I never buy purple for myself, but I felt like adding some glass beads that I had received and never used, and they had blue and purple together... so I bought some purple beads to go along with them! And what did Alicia send me?? Nearly the same colors!!! When I sent them, I thought... hmmmm.... those are really pretty! I nearly kept them! LOL!!!  So.. I sent her some resin 'sea' components... and she sent me some polymer 'sea' components!!  I LOVE THEM!
Somehow I missed this picture! I love the color~
            I sent her some purple glass... she sent me some purple!! I love this swap!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Items that I sent to Alicia were very similar in color and material! I sent a polymer clay mokume gane  that I made, some resin 'shells' and resin pendants  and ceramic beads and a Lapis Lazuli teardrop and some glass, Czech, and crystals and even a few seed beads to play around with... I had a few spools of wire that I threw in, oh, and a strip of 'silk' that I thought she might be able to work in somehow. I had hand dyed it and then found out that it wasn't silk well, it is half silk and half polyester! anyway, I thought it was pretty!!!

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