Wednesday, April 08, 2015

keeping your hands busy

While my mother was in the hospital recently, I needed to keep busy while visiting. I can't sit long, and when I am sitting, I have to have something in my hand or I go crazy. When it was time for her to eat, I was ok. I helped her eat and I was occupied, but when it was quiet, and nothing to keep my mind from roaming... it was pretty boring and know me.. when I'm bored, I can get into trouble... What is that saying about idle hands being ?
I took some thread to work with to keep me out of trouble. Not that it helped much, I still had way too much time on my hands. But... I did get a couple of things made. First a shawl for Mom. It started out to be a lap blanket, but when I realized that she was going to leave the hospital and her dress to leave in was sleeveless, I turned it into a quick shawl for her shoulders. I didn't take a picture of it, or her... and I could kick myself. The dress looked very, very nice on her.
The other item I made was a baby wrap. It is a piece of linen that I've had forever, and thought it would be a nice summer blanket for a little one. It is a turquoise color of linen that I picked out when I needed a couple of shirts after I had my son. I thought the linen would be nice and cool... but I never made the shirts. When I would start to sew, my son would be fussy and I just gave up trying to get much done. I folded the linen and put it away, and forgot about it!
just started to tack down
A few years ago, I came across the linen pieces while cleaning up my sewing room and moving things out. I used some of the coral color that I purchased at the same time. It was used in a quilt and a few bonnets, but I saved the turquoise.
I think it is coming out ok. First the crocheted edging and then I made a crocheted butterfly for the body of the blanket. I like this pattern. I've used it for over 30 years for numerous projects. I think the first was for a blanket for my daughter... then a skirt, pillowslips... and back to blankets! It is fast, and pretty and I really love that it looks like a butterfly.

I just got started stitching it down to the linen when they announced that Mom was going to be dismissed, so I haven't finished tacking it down, but it will look better when fully finished. Crochet is a lovely way to keep the hands busy. I think next time I'll make a set of mittens or something a little smaller. Maybe a cap... this size is pretty small (30"x30") but it was hard to keep from shifting off my lap. Think a smaller project would be easier to handle. Last time she was in... I knit an infinity scarf... it turned out ok and was easy to handle.

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