Friday, November 21, 2014

Life as we know it

I suppose that we all go through ups and downs. Sometimes it seems that I am really down and just can't seem to get up.
Today is one of those days. I was feeling pretty proud of myself last week since I was able to do some extra stuff around the house... the first time in ages... and I thought that I would try to do a bit more every day. I was doing ok. Every day I add something extra... and I've gotten it done every day! yaaaaa! I had a set back on Wednesday, I was feeling pretty bad, I had stayed up trying to do some calls for the band boosters and got through some of the list and my eyes gave out. I taped them for bedtime, and have had to wear patches off and on since. It feels like a great ball of sand is under the lid of the right eye. I know it isn't.
So, there is a point to where I can stand just about anything, but this is crossing over that point!  I guess I'll have to go back to the eye doctor, as it seems to be worse every day. I'm trying to finish a piece and get it into the mail, it's all done but photographing it and wrapping it up. I was kind of proud of the finished product, even though it took me forever to finish.
Anyway, I'm feeling quite blue today, I feel like I've lost my best friend in the world and I'm kind of wanting to hide away... I might just do that, school is out for the week... I might just hide out for a while. Take it easy and just do fun stuff with my son for a while. I feel like he has been neglected lately. He's had tons of homework and we have been kind of busy with school and tennis. I guess that it is ok to pamper him for a bit.
Thanksgiving is next week. I wish everyone blessings, a warm place to sleep and food to fill you. Friends and family to give you love.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Wagon

Welp, I fell off the "Wagon" today. "Fang" had a Tennis Tournament that started at 7:30 am.... That's MORNING... and today is Saturday! SATURDAY!!!  In civilized countries, that means sleeping time...
So, today, for the very first tournament... at 7:30 AM... it was nice and very chilly. We live in the desert for crying out loud... it is never chilly here until the end of October. OK, so chilly in my books is 55F and I suppose that is what it was this morning, cause I was cold. I made myself coffee really without thinking about it. I put it in my nice pink thermal cup with the lid... has a nice pink ribbon on the side of it... and packed the leftover chicken, cucumber slices, sliced apple, sliced plums, yoghurt, and some rolls... and called it lunch.
I started drinking my coffee... the forbidden liquid... on the way to the match. I looked at my cup and went... oh, man...
It was good.
Back to square one tomorrow. cause I had sugar in it as well...
By the way, there were five Junior High schools competing today... Fang came in 4th ...big smiley face!