Saturday, January 02, 2016

Happy New Year!

Wishing all a prosperous and Happy New Year!

This a chance to start anew all the things you want to do... whether it is to get healthy, to change some aspect of your life... or like me, to try... really hard... to get back to working and photographing every day.

I have fallen behind on the Year of Jewelry Project... not that I didn't do the challenges, but that I fell behind in taking photos of the work. I just don't have time to set up a light box, or sometimes even to set up the camera... and sometimes, just sometimes... I just don't want to take a photo... I know, right? that's pretty lazy.

In this day and age of photo ability of phones becoming so wonderful... clear, concise photos, that we should all be able to take a pic easily and quickly... but not me. I have such a hard time figuring out the phone... and my son usually is using it.. he's 13... and he's really excited to use a smart phone..Me. not so much. I don't enjoy using new technology.  I am just finally getting used to using the digital camera that I have... Actually, have several... and I just don't enjoy them so much. I loved the old 35mm that took such wonderful, crisp, clear photos... and the actual enjoyment of taking a photo, and having the anticipation of waiting for it to be developed.... oh, what a wonderment it was to see the image taking shape right before your eyes... Or... waiting for them to come back at the photo lab... counting the days, or hours... then down to minutes of when they would be ready...

Yep, I am that old...

I had a Polaroid camera when I was a kid... which meant instant pictures... not the instant that we know today, where you see the image as soon as you take it... but the kind that it pushed out the layers of photo, you waited for something like three minutes, having to keep the film warm or it took longer... and then carefully peeling back the protective layer to expose the picture, that may or may not be in focus...

I loved that camera... but to tell the truth? I never took a good photo with it.

They either turned out fuzzy, too dark, too light... or make people look really hard and sharp... I just never figured it out.


I have fallen behind on the YOJ project, and I signed up to try it again, but figured that it is kind of a waste of time if I don't take pictures of the work, right?

So... I also started the Photo a Day Challenge...

I know... adding fire to the flame?

How on earth can a person take a photo a day if they can't even do it weekly?

Well... that is the whole challenge, n'est pas?

I am going to settle down to a routine, and try really hard, with the New Year's Resolution that I am making... and try really hard to take a photo a day... sticking to the challenge prompts, but also setting up the light box in a place that it can stay, year that I can take quick and easy jewelry photos, and that I can experiment as well... that would be nice.

Along with this resolution, I also vow to try to print more of my photos. It is really sad that I don't have even a small percentage of photos printed... a real travesty, actually.

So, if you would like to join along with the Photo a Day Challenge, you don't have to have a blog, you can post on social media using the hashtag and the phrase TheIdeaRoom (which would be #theidearoom ) and would be the way other people in the challenge can see your work... and you can tag the creator of this challenge Amy Huntley as @theidearoom, which will tag her on instagram and twitter.

You can join me on my photographic journey at Photo a Day Challenge 2016.

January 1, 2016 Celebrate!

January 2, 2016~~Bokeh

Monday, November 30, 2015

If you’re more interested in playing the “hater” card than you are in confessing your own hate; if you want to arrogantly lecture, rather than humbly learn; if you don’t want to feel guilt in your soul when you are guilty of sin; if you want to be enabled rather than confronted, there are many universities across the land (in Missouri and elsewhere) that will give you exactly what you want, but Oklahoma Wesleyan isn’t one of them.
~Dr. Everett Piper, President
Oklahoma Wesleyan University

In this day and time in history, when everyone is offended by everything... this man is a moral compass.I don't know him, I didn't go to this college, I don't attend the church that it is affiliated with... but this is a wise man.

He couldn't have picked better words to tell the campus as a whole, what was inspired by one person... Yet, it wasn't inspired by one person... it was inspired by the attitude of the whole of America it seems, and possibly the whole world. 

Right now, there are people who actually think that they are more worthy, somehow, than anyone else, and that their "feelings" are somehow not to be disturbed... by anything or anyone. 

Don't you dare talk about anything that might make them feel uncomfortable, don't do anything that might make them feel out of place... don't make more money, don't drive a car that is nicer... wear clothing that is offensive, that is too revealing, not revealing enough... pfft...
the list goes on and on and on... 
One person is going to be offended by something that is totally different than another.
This statement was brought about by a student complaining about a sermon...

It's a religious college...

Like the man says, if this offends you, this probably isn't the place for you. 

This is something that I want to say, want to keep in my mind for the time when someone has the audacity to tell me that they are offended by what I say or do or wear... within reason that is... I mean, we have rules, we have boundaries for a reason. To have a society that is together, that is cohesive, we need to have boundaries. It's called a community, or a society, a country, an alliance of like minded people... and yes, it is ok to stretch those boundaries, but really, that is what having a community is all about... a group of people that want to live together even if they are a bit different. What doesn't fit in, are the people that want to come in and completely change the entirety of the community, to suit the needs of one or two individuals. Or to make the community completely change their beliefs because one or two people don't believe the same. 

I have 'friends' that believe that if they are of one religion, or not of any religion... that they should be accommodated by all. They actually believe that everyone should be ok that they are wanting everyone to change and believe either the same, or try to make them 'not believe' in their religions... they mock, they say hurtful things, they chastise... but refuse to think how it would be if it were the other way around.

What if I came to live with a group of people who were all agnostic, or atheist?  Say that I came in...believing in Christ, and wanted everyone to set aside their deep seated belief that there is nothing. That no one is going to Heaven, no one is saved by the blood... it doesn't matter what you do or how you live... that it is all a matter of living and dying and nothing else... 

I want them to change. I want them all to believe the same, or at least let me live with them, live amongst them and never hear a word from them of how I am wrong... of how I am making them uncomfortable... of how I differ from them.  I want them to respect my feelings and to change so that I don't feel a bit uncomfortable in my foreign beliefs. 

Do you really believe that would happen?

Don't kid yourself. 

This is what is being asked every day of our kids in colleges, this is what is being asked every day in our communities, our country... we are being asked to turn our backs on our religion, on our principles, and our camaraderie.  We are being barraged by guilt for being one color, or not enough of another, or heaven help us... mixed colors... we are being barraged by the people who want equality for all... which, don't get me wrong... is a good thing.. but it will never be what this group of people want. It will not be enough to have everyone equal in each other's eyes... it is their goal that everyone is the same on the economic level, the same on religion, or lack thereof, on social levels, and educational levels... the same benefits, the same pay, the same everything...

THIS would be EUTOPIA.

This is impossible. Given human nature, and given that someone, always will be someone... who will want power, will want more, will want to take over. 

It has happened throughout history, in every social and economic experiment ever... there is always someone who will take over, usually a group that will take over, someone will have more, someone will have less, and someone will want to be more, some will be resentful even if their portion is the same.

It just doesn't work. 

What does work is having the ability to make and do what you are capable of doing. 
It might sound bad, it might sound like it is wrong, but it is the only way that people have lived this long. And maybe that is the whole of the problem. We have flourished, we have been fruitful and multiplied... and we have bred a whole generation that is horrible. 
They, the new generation, which is really just an offspring of the 1960s generation... the peace and love and no war... communes are great...

Yes, I want no war. Yes, peace is good. The idea of everyone having the same? The idea of everything being  shared? Not so much. What happens when you get tired of the drudgery? What happens when you get tired of being exactly the same?
This would work if no one has aspirations, no one has dreams. This works if there is no one that is lazy, no one that is sick, no one that can't uphold their end of the work.
But what we forget is that those people that wanted these things in the '60s are the ones that are pushing this socialism thing, but they are the very ones that have gone into corporate America and ruined the system. They are the ones that have been greedy, they are the ones that are inflating and deflating our economy... they are the ones that have made the mess...and now want to change everything because they have made it broken. 

My father's generation, the greatest of all, built up the United States... and yes, she had problems, but she was great.  Industry, learning, economic health, she had them all. Yes there were problems inside, like racism, poverty, but they were being fixed. Today, it seems that we have taken not a step back, but a leap... My father would be shocked at the way we treat each other. He had hopes that our country was going in the right direction, not to what has caused  this chasm that is between our people. 

I don't have a solution.

But I know that the way we're going isn't good.

If you would like to read the entirety of the speech, please click here Oklahoma Wesleyan.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

E-book coming December 1st

Jennifer Lane is about to launch her new e-book, please give it a read, coming December 1st to Amazon.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Writing in October

Here it is the first week of October, the weather here has taken a turn for Autumn today, wonderful cool breezes, nice and always needed rain has graced us, and all is right in the world it seems!
I am on day four of the 31 Days writing challenge. I kind of cheated a bit, using more of my notes than actual substance. We had a Band concert on Friday, so we were at the school then the stadium until late, then back to the school to unload equipment, instruments and then home. Saturday was early Tennis Tournament, and it was hard to get up in time. So I'm taking a bit of a rest today, I published what I had, and know it isn't really in keeping with the spirit of the writing for 31 days... but I did write... so technically, I'm in... but in spirit? I did write, just not a lot.

I'm getting nervous, you know, that nervous feeling when you have a deadline, and it is fast approaching, and you think you don't have enough information, enough skills, enough time to do justice... all those feelings rolled into one?  I'm waiting on a few interviews, hoping they are turned in quickly, and waiting for a few oks for using pictures... and trying to make graphics to use for advertising... and hoping that they will be ok...

I think that the first few days of writing, getting organized, and making sure that everything is on time, in place and links working right, is the hardest part of this challenge. Everything will fall into place, I know, and there is little to worry about after that. I just want to do justice to some of the artists I am featuring.

I hope everyone will join along, especially on the days of the interviews!
My 31 Days- Jewelry- From Concept to Sales

Thursday, October 01, 2015

October 1st!

Good morning to everyone!
Such a wonderful day to be alive and able  to write! Today is the first day of October. Not only is it the unofficial start to Everything Pumpkin Month... it is also the beginning of the Write 31 Days writing challenge. I am so very excited to participate once again, in what can only be described as an endurance test of writing ability!

I have linked up to the Fashion and Beauty sub-category on the Write 31. com page, posted my first post, and have begun advertising on social media. 
Jewely- From Concept to Sales
The past month, I have added another page to my blogs, it is dedicated to the 31 Days series, and will stay in it's place, being added to each year as I participate. After a month of designing, redesigning, and second guessing, I have a page that I like, and will leave as is for at least this year!

Come join in the reading, by either clicking on the links above or by viewing my pages. I will have links to artists and their businesses during the month, as well as other blogs you can visit.
Happy October, and happy reading!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

This writing thing is not what I thought it would be!
This morning I had somewhat of a meltdown. I looked at the outline for the 31Days writing challenge and the lines crossing out potential jewelers to interview... and I wanted to just throw the paper in the trash and either chuck it in... or change my subject!
I have to say, I vented on Facebook... I generally don't vent on G+(Why is that?). I obviously don't communicate through writing well enough to get my point across, because I was told I had anxiety and needed medication.
Then I was told that the anxiety was getting in the way of me looking for a job....
I am asking for interviews for my blog....
I would like to interview people for the blog...
The writing challenge...

No, I haven't chucked it in, yet. I haven't changed the subject, not that it hasn't crossed my mind more than 30 or 40 times today... but I have my outline, I have a few interviews already, I have modified my letter asking for an interview. I've modified my questionnaire for the interview. I have worked on pictures,the linking button, gone back and redone some of my graphics, fonts, sizes and colors..

OK, I admit to being a bit OCD when it comes to getting blog pages to the point I like them, and I hope that other people like them... I want the page to be pleasing to the eye, easily readable, and interesting.  Hopefully, this comes across as looking inviting and professional.

So, back to the story. I have learned my lesson, maybe, to not post to Facebook anything that might be misconstrued. Not that it will matter, anything I say can and will be misconstrued. I guess I have to go to the person that misunderstood me, and gave me advice about medicating...  and apologize for writing like I was manic and a bit anxious. The truth is...I was a bit anxious, but not in the bad sort of way... but in my crazy, mixed up sort of way that I get stuff done if I'm pushed to that point...? Does that make sense?

I mean, I obsess about something, but I can actually make myself decide on a course of action if I am faced with a dilemma. If I have obsessed about something for a few days, I will just turn it off for a bit and I will usually find a solution for the problem rather quickly.  I learned that from Wanda Greene. She owned a floral business and took me in under her wing, so to speak. She taught me the business from the ground up. I got frustrated one day, doing a job that no one else would do, and she came up and asked me what was wrong with the piece. I said I didn't know. She said... walk away.
I looked at her, wondering if she had lost her mind. I had to finish it right then, and get it out. But I did it. I walked to the back of the shop, I got a drink, worked on another project for about 10 minutes and walked back into the room and could tell exactly what was wrong and what needed to happen to get it out the door in maybe 5 minutes.

That works with just about everything. I guess not brain surgery, but with writing it does. With jewelry it does, same with sculpting, painting, floral arranging, and sewing. I'm pretty sure in designing just about anything...

After my little meltdown and subsequent embarrassment on social media... I am ok. I know what I need to do and am implementing the changes to my approach. Things feel better tonight, I feel a bit relieved. We have 5 days to go before the challenge begins and I am ahead of the curve already with my page, graphics, subject, and ... most of all, with my newfound sense of accomplishment!

Join me for the 31 Days Writing Challenge, beginning October 1st. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Coming Up!

It is Fall! Today, the 23rd of September is the official beginning of the season and it is cool and beautiful here in the Western part of Texas!
With the beginning of Autumn, the thoughts of football, changing leaves, hot cocoa, and pumpkins are swirling around. Here in the desert, we don't have the change in leaves like other parts of the country, but we do have football... and it is in full swing now. The Friday Night Lights author, H.G. Bissenger,  was here just this past weekend, signing books for the 25th anniversary of the release of his book. Hard to imagine it has been 25 years, a movie and TV series since that release.

31 Days
With Fall also comes the preparing for the 31 Days writing challenge. I am participating again this year, with what I hope will be an interesting series on Jewelry. It will be a mixture of history, manufacturing, artists, and a glimpse into what goes into making and selling jewelry.  I am excited to write on something that I love, and something that will hopefully intrigue others.

Some of the jewelry artists that are lined up to be interviewed are :
31 DaysRichard Salley
Lorena Angulo
Cristine Pablon
Al Martinez
among others. It should be very interesting and informative.

There will be links to the different artists and pictures of their work. There will be tips along the way, on how to get started in jewelry making, where to learn the trade,  how to set up a workbench, tips on selling the finished products.

I hope you will join along starting October 1st. The Write 31 page is chocked full of blog links to some wonderfully exciting writers, some with blogs that will entertain, some that will inspire, some that will make you cry, but all are intriguing and enjoyable to read.
Throughout the month, I will link to that page, as well as to my pages, so that you can peruse the lists and find something that will interest you. I hope you will take time to visit the artists that I have listed and see their work, maybe even buy some of their beauties.

Hope you'll visit often!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Remembering/Looking Forward

Today, September 11, 2015, is a day of remembrance for the people of the United States, and truly, around the world. It is the day in 2001 that the world changed. It effected everyone, whether you knew someone that died in a flight or on the ground, or not.
Every year, we look back and still say what we were dong on this day, at that hour, at that moment that we found out about the tragedy in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania.

This is also a day to look forward, to what we want as a country to become, what we strive for every day, what we can be, the reason that so many people hate us, and what we stand for. We can become a nation that is strong, brave, and can overcome every obstacle in our path. We can be united, equal and brothers. Not many countries have achieved that, but we can.

Join with me today, to look forward. Join me to pray for the uniting of our United States, and for our leaders, that they have the guidance and wisdom to bring peace and prosperity to our great nation.