Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Busy as a beaver

I now know where that term came from... "Busy as a beaver". When you are spending all your time working on your house, you kind of forget everything else and work night and day getting the job done...
Well, I haven't been working on the house anymore but I have been working non-stop for the past two months. I have neglected a lot in my life that I swore I wouldn't take for granted, But you know how it is.
I had a booth in the Scottish-Irish Faire in Midland, Texas this past weekend, and it seems that this is the one faire that takes me the longest to prepare for. I suppose that it is closest to me that I attend and I want everything to be perfect... I also feel like... well, it is close so I can take everything that I have for the booth... ugh! I need to seriously get myself together if I am to have another booth there. I took three tents, 4 tables( I rented 4 more), fabric for all the walls of the tents, tablecloths for all the tables and I had tons of display items... probably half of what I took was unnecessary. One of the tents was unusable... two of the braces popped when two friends helped us set it up. I am not sure how it happened but it was going to be unstable if we tried to use it so we did without it.
As it turned out, I could have used one less table, as I sold enough to take it down anyway... and I really didn't need the extra space as much as I thought I did. I used a different clothes rack than I normally do to hang head garlands on... it worked so much better than my old chrome racks and though I know it is the same size, seems that it didn't take up as much room. My son and the dogs had their own space, which is now essential to us. The boy is getting where he wants time on his own, and the dogs are just big and lazy and need the room to lay about. Elka didn't get to stay in the arena long, she is not trained yet and is too much for me to handle. Mac... he lays right in the middle of it all...
I had a lot of problems, mostly on my own account ( I forgot the ladder which was essential  from hanging lights to putting up the walls of the tents.
I sold enough to make myself happy, but not enough to convince me that it is worth the effort... If I take so much time and effort into the way the booth looks, I am losing time that I could be working on jewelry or boxes, or head garlands... I am sure that I didn't have enough dog collars or dog jackets, but I will try again to organize myself.
All in all, I saw a lot of friends, listened to a lot of great music, and did a little shopping of my own, so I guess I am happy with the outcome of the weekend...
 Maybe I will forget how tired I am and sign up for another round of festivals... maybe.