Thursday, April 30, 2015

Keeping your hands busy-Again

While mom was in the hospital this time, I tried to keep busy crocheting again, I tried to do as many butterflies as I could, and I did a few more white with smaller thread, and a multi-colored and a hot pink one... but I was interrupted so often that I kind of gave up... one day I took my beads with me, thinking that there was the possibility of getting some of my swap n hop projects done... nope... the only time that there would have been enough time at a stretch to work on them was during the night... the first few nights after surgery, the nurses were in the room every half hour after that, they were in every hour, and the last night it was two hours in between!! YES! Honestly, I wasn't able to sleep much but I couldn't really work either. The lights needed to be low because Mom was so tired, she needed every bit of rest that she could get... so I sat in the dark or semi-dark and either crocheted or just sat.
It is so hard for me to just sit...

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