Sunday, January 18, 2015

Year of Jewelry

 Year of Jewelry 2015 is upon us... This year, I jumped in and have been working for three weeks so far. My Talisman, for the first week of January was a bead embroidered piece that just pushed itself on me. I needed to do it, so it became my 'talisman' for the year's work.
It is jasper, pearls, cultured pearls, crystal pearls, glass 8/0, glass 10/0, glass 15/0 seeds, howlite, flat glass beads .
I know it isn't the greatest work, but... I really enjoyed the process, and I didn't sketch it out so I was impressed how it came together without too many mistakes. The needle just kind of took over and did the work for me! lol.

Second week, I used beads leftover from the 'talisman' and my bag of leftover beads that needed to be used to come up with the necklace that was kind of odd... The pendant is copper that I pierced and sawed in the shape of a bird, I flame colored it and this is what I came up with...

 Week three is for a tutorial, so I made a right angle stitch using the beads for another challenge... True Blue challenge from Pine Ridge Treasures
It is pearls, glass pearls, frosted glass, crystal and the cute little pendant is one I got from Lori Anderson that she got from someone else... it is glass with a ruffled skirt, I thought it looked like a pretty little flower so I put stamen in the center. I think it needs something else, but I'm not quite sure what that would be... I need some dangley something. It just seem unfinished.
I have week four already started, in between working on stuff for the upcoming fair, it should get done by next Friday!