Tuesday, October 30, 2012

    I am remiss in writing lately. So much has gone on this Summer and into Fall that  I feel like the world is spinning out of control. Big sighs... My mother had surgery in June, she is 87 and has had a lot of surgeries over the years. I think that it is catching up to her. There was a time that she would have a surgery and just bounce back like there was nothing wrong with her and she would be running circles around everyone within days.. not so much this one. They also found a tumor in her heart that they decided to just leave alone. She didn't want to have another surgery anyway, but even the doctors agreed that she was just too weak to try to do anything else. 
    Sooooo, she has been recovering since then. Physical therapy everyday has gotten her body back to  working condition, not top notch shape but she is walking and her heart is working pretty good, but her mind is really hit hard. I personally think it was the cocktail of drugs that hey gave her to do the sonogram of the heart. They gave her the meds and she was kind of moaning while they were moving the scope down her throat and moving her body to get a good look, and the doctor said to give her more... I cringed but didn't question him. I wish I had. That was a tough night....
     I really didn't think she would make it, On top of all... I had the boys with me, well, not with me, they were in the waiting room and I was alone with Mom in the CCU... there was a guy next door to her room and they had maybe 30 people crowded in his room and in the hallway and probably at least another 30 people in the waiting area and hallway, kids everywhere... The security guard stuck his head into the room and asked if I had kids in the waiting room... I said yes and he said we would have to leave... we were breaking the rules of the hospital... I just busted out crying... seriously. The guard backed out of the room quickly and dissappeared. Mom? I thought she wasn't going to make it, warning buzzers and bells going off every few minutes, nurses just leaving us alone except to turn off the noise... She asked if I was OK....... . . I knew then that she was going to be OK
    Well, I say Mom is OK. She doesn't remember having surgery again... she doesn't remember having the surgery on her arm four years ago... she doesn't remember being in the hospital. or all the visitors she has had in the months since... Now she spends most of the day looking at books and magazines and working puzzles and doing therapy and writing. She says she is going to write her life story. I believe she might do it. She's been reminiscing about her childhood and her Uncle and her Father  and well, she had already written a lot,back the last  time she decided to write her story... I am not sure where it is though. Seems she had a clean out of her house before she got sick. Heaven only knows what she did with all her stuff. I guess threw a lot of paperwork away, thinking she didn't need it... and her clothes? Probably to the charity shop.  I don't know why. She has some clothes. Not the huge, two- double closets like she used to have... well, and spilling out into other closets... 
    I guess I am like my mother a lot. I don't ever get rid of clothes either. But every now and again, I will be brutal and throw away something that either does't fit or is so far gone tat it won't ever be worn again without coming to pieces.  But Mom? She never gets rid of clothes. 
   Why do we do weird things when we get old?

    The Summer and what is done of Fall have been spent by bedside and by football field  and steadily working but there just hasen't been time for posting. Oh, and that little thing about my computer getting very, very sick with a virus and trojan horses and all sorts of maladies. I had not updated the virus protection in a while and paid the price for it. That's sorted finally and I am slowing down, here on All Hallow's Eve, Eve...   My son tucked away in bed, almost jumping with excitement about the day to come. He isn't trick-or-treating this year. He didn't even go to the carnivals this weekend. He thinks he is too old at ten to be doing things like that. Sheesh!
We get kids that are 14 or 15 for sure coming for handouts of candy.  I guess I won't make a big deal about it, he wants to dress up and give out candy, which is a relief for me. I have just about had it with the kids that come around... I'll be there to support him, but I don't want to face the hoards. 
    Don't get me wrong... I love kids, really I do, but it seems that they are just pretty snippy and rude when it comes to the candy. Last year I didn't do the bags or cauldrons or small pumpkins filled with candy and goodies like I normally do.  I got a bunch of statements like... "the candy was better last year"  so I was cranky... and a couple of the adults bringing the kids asked where the cupcakes and cookies were. ......... ok........... so I didn't do a lot last year, but really?

    Tomorrow is going to be filled with cookie baking and cupcake baking, but we aren't doing the bags... pumpkins... cauldrons... boxes... nope, not this year. The boy can give out measured doses of the candy by hand  and the kids will either like what they get or they won't...either way, I won't have to hear it... and the adults that come around for cookies and cupcakes? They'll have their treats but don't expect it again next year, 'cause I might not do them again!!!!  well yes I probably will, but don't count on it!!
   I made a peyote stitch bracelet for Halloween, in what spare time I have, thinking I would take a picture of it for the blog, but I haven't yet. I'll try to do that in the morning... but don't hold your breath.  Everything is still out of sorts with me. Promising to do much of anything is unwise for the time being. So there will be updates when I can, and there will be pictures when I can . I have a class coming up so there is always the pressure to get everything ready and lots of samples and lots of handouts so things will be busy around here for a few days.