Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Nearly Fall

Here it is, down to the last couple of weeks in August, and I am starting to think about Fall... Cooler weather today (dipped to the upper 80s here) has me thinking that it might just get around to being Fall sometime soon. Though we don't really have "Fall" in this part of the country, we do have a few days of really nice weather. Today was one of those days that I am sure that there is a God in Heaven, and he has sent a couple of days of cool breezes to promise that change is coming.

With Fall, there is change. We don't see the leaves change until nearly Winter, but we have the kids going back to school, Football, the Corn maze, Pumpkins in the stores, and all that goes with the coming of October. I am most excited about the month of October, not for the spooky yard decorations, and not even for the cold spell that comes the week of Halloween... I am excited about the 31 Days Writing challenge!

I'm signing up again for the challenge... I know, I know, last year I probably said something like... shoot me if I ever do this again... but... even with all the crazy  stuff that happened last year, and even though I complained that I was behind... I want to try it again this year!
I am going to really have it organized better, and now that I have decided early... not like 3 days before it starts... I will have my outline really concrete and stick with it (last year, I think I tore up my outline after the first day... nearly changed topics, and did cry a few tears). This year... I'm excited to say... I am determined to finish each and every day!!

Visit the new home for the challenge blogs, at My 31 Days  and the blog list at My Blog Series 
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See you in October!