Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wow! What a beautiful day, quite cool especially after the heat yesterday, but we didn't have snow! We woke up this morning to no electricity. I jumped out of bed totally disoriented and wondering if it was just me or if things were too dark. I looked out the window and there was the faint light of the sun to the East and nothing else. No neighbor lights, no security lights, no street lights. I went to the front door and peeked out. It was quiet, not a sound and no lights at all. All the neighbors were still home as well, which is odd, usually there are several of the guys on the block that are at least warming up their trucks when I wake up. They are usually off by the time I put on the pot of coffee. Not this morning.
They never did say what it was that caused the blackout other than it was a substation and the whole Northeast of the city was out. We got out the flashlights and lanterns and dressed and ate. I wondered if there would be school, since the radio had said that there was no power to Permian, since my son's school isn't far, and sure enough his math teacher posted that there was no electricity... but school was still on... sigh...
The little Finches are back this year... the Mom and Pop had 5 little eggs, I don't know how she did it, she is about the size of the 5 put together... they are pretty, those little dainty eggs. The birds are as well, especially Daddy bird, he is the prettiest red this year, last year he seemed kind of dull, maybe it was me, maybe it was the hot dry Spring we had, I'm not sure... just maybe I am so ready for some color that he looks brilliant almost!

Momma bird is trying to get used to us again, seems she has forgotten that we are nice and won't hurt her or the brood. She nearly broke her neck and mine this morning. I didn't stop and whistle at her when I started out to the car. I forgot about her, thinking about the phone in my hand and the lack of lights and the cold breeze blowing from the North, I just didn't think about her. When I opened the glass door she flew off but must have been half asleep like me, because she didn't make the swoop under the porch and flew about the ceiling of the porch several times before she was oriented enough to get out with me ducking and trying to get away without her getting on my head or me hurting her somehow... must have been a sight! I am glad it was still pretty dark at the time!!!
 We sat out a tomato plant, don't know why because it will just be my son that will eat them as they ripen, I just thought the plants were beautiful and it would be nice for him to be able to go out and pick some fresh food. We had a couple of visitors to the plant. Are these the ones that lay the egg for the Caterpillar that eats the plants???
 I'm hoping that it isn't going to be eaten this year. I planted one last year and between the neighbor kids and the tomato worms, they didn't do well at all. This one already has a bunch of tomatoes... so maybe it is strong enough and big enough, and we have a little more water this year...

I worked on a bracelet this week, not much else. The news has had me in this funk and a flare up of arthritis and I twisted instead of keeping my back straight... and it seems I am not good for much! I have had this pendant for a while and didn't know how to use it, since I didn't like it for it being a pendant. I thought I might add some other stuff to it, since it is kind of plain still... but what?

I also was piddling around and did this cover for my notebook. Nothing fancy, and heaven knows it is not very straight, but I needed something to let me know at a quick glance that this is my project notebook and not one of the 50 other notebooks that I have. I think it will do that!

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