Monday, April 08, 2013

I have begun sneakily posting pictures on my Facebook page the items that I have made for the Bead Soup Blog Party, I almost can't wait now until the 13th. The projects turned out better than I had expected, and now that things are semi-calmed down, well... as ever they will be calmed down... I am breathing a sigh of relief that other people understand about things that happen that delay us or hinder us in some way. Me? Mine has been my Son, my Mother, and my Dog... and on the periphery is the kitchen flooring and cabinets, the trip to Dallas, Preparing my Summer schedule for work, Easter, my eyes acting up, and not the least... the housework.
    I suppose that everyone has problems and everyone learns to deal with them, me? not so much. I try to deal with all the chaos (and chaos is the only way to put my homelife... ) but somehow I get overwhelmed a lot. I kind of just shut down. Not really shut down, but take a step back and reassess my position. I find sometimes that is the only way I can cope. Kind of take a breather and see exactly what is the most important thing in my life at the moment and go with that. I hate to let other things go but sometimes I find that there is just not enough hours in the day to do everything that I say yes to. I try to say no.... but sometimes that is just hard to do.
   My son is having some health issues right now, and the doctors can't figure out exactly what is causing some of the problems. We have heard over and over.... you might just have to live with it... I can tell you that isn't what a ten year old wants to hear, and as a mom I don't want to hear that either.  With my daughter, it was really hard for her to eat, she had allergies and had to be careful, now my son is going through some of the same things but we can't locate the allergy, it isn't an ulcer, and he keeps having the pain at random times. I can't for the life of me see a pattern... He is having some other issues other than his tummy, and I won't go into them, but suffice it to say, I am worried. He is chipper about everything. I guess that is all he can be.  Yesterday he took the initiative to cut the hedges as well as cleaning up after himself! I have to say that he is such a sweet and thoughtful kid. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
     Tonight is kind of lonely, though it shouldn't be. The house is still somewhat chaotic but we are less one member. We took MacIntyre to the vet today, he was not feeling well this morning, but nothing really bad, though it turned into him being very sick and not able to walk by time for his visit this afternoon. He had to be carried to the truck and into the office. They weighed, poked, prodded, x-reyed and ice-packed and kept him overnight. Not sure what it is but that it could be a flare up of the Ehrlichia. Elka is lost without Mac to keep her in line... or she is saving up energy to get into trouble tonight... though there is no one to blame her escapades on :)
    Check back this coming Saturday to see the pictures of the jewelry that I made with the pretty stash of beads, focals and clasps that Shannon sent to me, and then visit her site to see the lovely Sand and Sea necklace she made from the stash I sent to her.

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  1. what a great peces, especially necklace! GREAT!


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