Wednesday, April 17, 2013

After the party

I say after the party, but I am still reading blogs... Most of them are absolute works of art, blog and jewelry, the people in this Bead Soup Blog Party are so creative and fun! They all have worked so hard and turned out some jewelry that is worthy of a an art show. ( TO SEE MY REVEAL PLEASE SCROLL DOWN ONE ENTRY...)  This has been absolutely the best way to see the designers. I have tried to navigate BlogSpot and have had such a hard time finding people that I want to follow or want to just peak in and see what they are creating. I don't know if I just don't understand how to use it or if I just need to take time to read some instructions, or if maybe the site is just quirky?
Whatever the case is, this blog party, that was organized by Lori Anderson ( go visit her blog Lori Anderson Pretty Things  ) who has managed to get over 500 people together in three reveals to share and show their amazing work, has been great! Now, I am a fan of Lori anyway, she is bubbly and creative, but she is amazing at organizing this many people to partner up and blog their work. She even included people on Facebook... which to me is amazing skills to get that many people partnered up. And her skill whether intuitive , sub-conscious, whatever it is... is amazing. my partner and I share so much in common... Lori did an amazing job pairing us! It isn't just myself and Shannon, I have read so many of the blogs from the first reveal and the second that claim that she is psychic or something!

If you have read my blog, you'll know that I was partnered with Shannon Hicks ( Falling Into The Sky ). She sent the loveliest bunch of beads to work with. She pampered me with TWO focals and TWO clasps... Absolutely amazing focals, and well, even the handmade beaded clasp was beautiful.

All my BSBP pieces are in the blog below! this is a close up of the necklace
I can't say that I did them justice. I look back on the pictures and I wish I had been able to do more bead weaving in the pieces. The gold necklace was fun, but was taxing on my eyes. I had loads of fun trying out designs even with my eyes.  The big clunky necklace is probably my favorite. I used the handmade clasp as part of the focal in it, I just couldn't take my eyes off the beaded circle that was more focal to me than clasp... so I used it as part of the focal.  There was so much that I could have done but I wanted to show off a lot of the beads, and so I did. Kind of busy, kind of hard to photograph, but it is something that I will wear.

I want to say a huge thank you to both Lori Anderson and to Shannon Hicks. Thank you for the fun, and thank you for patience, and big thoughts and prayers go out to both. My hope is that Lori will be pain free soon, or at least to a point that she is able to function. I know how hard it is to be in pain and have things to do. And as for Shannon, I hope that her eyesight will be 20/20 when she has her cataracts taken care of. She is such a wonderful beader, her projects are works of art. I can't imagine doing this type of work with her sight being so bad. I personally have had to cut back on all my work and I even had surgery already... I am amazed at Shannon's perseverance.

And a huge thank you to everyone that commented on the pieces that I made. Thank you for visiting the blog.
Peace be with you


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