Saturday, January 12, 2013

Late as usual...Memories and Thanks Blog

I have to add a disclaimer here, I'm afraid to edit this at all... When posting the original blog, I added pictures and found that when I went to the blog, half of my text and pictures had disappeared. I went back and tried to fix it and found that more text disappeared and some pictures... I persisted and finally ended up with a very choppy and disjointed blog, I have gone back again and edited, still not all the pictures are up, but I'll try again soon. Please bear with me :)

 OK,  here it is January the 12th nearly a month since the last posting... We had the flu, and me with bronchitis afterwards but we survived and I can’t wait until the vaccine is done that isn’t egg based… I thought I would update my blog, and realized that it was time for the blog hop so I decided to combine both my blog and the blog hop, so please keep this in mind when reading. 
My blog is in honor of Mom, Lometta,  born in January 1925, she is just a few days shy of 88 years old, and spry and chipper as ever.
The blog hop is for the Memories and Thanks blog hop, which is to honor someone that has made an impact on your life. I am excited that today is the blog hop,  This hop was started in the memory of a person that passed away too soon,  Marianna , by Lori Anderson at pretty things, use the link and go by and read about it if you haven't heard the story . I am excited to see a lot of new blogs, and some of the ones that I really enjoy visiting. So many new ideas, and things to spring your imagination into full swing. I so enjoy looking at the artwork that others do. There are so many talented people out there, so many people that have such a wonderful spirit. The blogs in this are really touching, there are so many people that are honored and remembered and loved, respected and cherished. 
 If you see my Facebook page, you’ll know that before Christmas, while I was sick for a few days, I was working on a necklace and had a handful of blue and green beads and thought they were so pretty, I dug through and found all my blue and green ornaments and voila... here's the tree I did this year. I thought the colors were good, I love these and it seemed that they cheered up the place a lot. I painted the kitchen in a very pale robin's egg blue so it kind of tied in with that since I have a very open floor plan in the house.
Mom with her antlers on Christmas morning 2012
This year I didn't get much  done for Christmas. I had not been able to go shopping myself and didn't get to take my mother shopping at all. Actually, I had gone to the store back somewhere just after Thanksgiving and never got to go again until Christmas eve… sigh… We made do with the little that we had.  Mom spent the night on Christmas eve and Christmas night and we enjoyed the visit so much. I made muffins for breakfast, the cranberry and pecan ones that I always make for Christmas...and we had tamales for dinner and it was really nice. Mom was excited with presents, even though we didn't do a lot.  I suppose she remembers many years of her being sick or one of us kids being sick (usually me) at the holidays.  My Christmas present from my daughter was a beautiful diffuser and the one from my son was sweet, he bought me some bath stuff and he even bought it with his own money!! Really, I was so happy just to have Mom with us that it didn't matter if I had any gifts or not, their presents were just icing to me :)   My son didn't do so badly with the gifts, I had bought his a while back so he was not unhappy. He had a lot of fun with his grandmother. They did some card tricks and read a bit, listened to Christmas music and sang some,  played some word games and when Mom was tired, she just napped, and so did my son. The two of them sacked out and the dogs laying all over the place... it was priceless. 

My son and Mom Christmas this year
Mom with my oldest brother maybe 1944?
 It is so great that Mom is feeling so much better, and her memory was so much clearer!!!!  That in and of itself was Christmas present for me. She has really had the hardest year. The surgery she had in June really took a toll on her body and mind. It has been slow, but she is getting better every day. There were a few times that I thought she wouldn't ever recover, but as usual, she surprised us all.  Usually she just jumps right back up and carries on, but this one was different. This time it made me take a look back and think of everything she has done for me and been for me. It isn't easy to think about some of the times…There is a lot of good times but there are the  hard times, but then this is how relationships are, right? They have their ebbs and flows, and when two headstrong women are together, well… I know that she and I have had issues over the years, but really... I love her so much and can't think of what life would have been like without her. You know the youngster with bruised knees and strong will, the bumpy teen years and the very hard early motherhood years. All the advice she has given me that sometimes I didn’t want to hear and all the times that she was really the only person that understood what I was going through. Those times have all shaped our relationship into this unique bonding of hearts. 

My sister and Mom at Thanksgiving this year
Mom has been through a lot over the years, both physically and mentally. That she was born in 1925 says a lot. The depression and living in the panhandle of Texas was tough on it's own.  She could tell you stories of the dustbowl and how hard her mother and father worked. She has endured at least ten surgeries, all major, and through five babies... losing one and raising four of us… my older brother passing away was hard for her and losing  close family and friends, I can’t imagine how hard it has been…  and the hardest of all, the death of my father. In that, she and I shared such a huge bond. I think that it was unique since I was young and still living at home.  His death was not easy for anyone in the family, but it had to be the hardest on Mom.  Through everything that went on at the time I think that she held up through such circumstances was admirable.
 Mom was pretty young when my father was killed, I didn't realize how young she was at the time, but she was. To me she was old and, well, my mom...I guess you don’t really realize how old your parents are until you get older… I realized just how young she was when she went through that but it was years later when she helped me through one of  the worst times in my life… again...  this time when my husband died. 
When Greg died I was just a year younger than Mom was when my father died... and my husband died leaving me with a six year old so we had so much there that made us bond even more.  I don't know how I could have made it through that time  without her. She knew how hard it was to go through this, and she knew to be there and not say anything sometimes, because sometimes you just need someone to be there. I don’t think anyone else knew that, but she did. I don't know how she made it through when my father was killed. I really don't. She has to be the strongest woman I have ever known.  I am not saying that it was all graceful for her.  There was the doctor that gave her way too many sedatives and there is a big part that she doesn’t even remember, but what she does remember…haunts her even to this day… The reality of it is that she did make it through and kept going and kept surviving and helping and living. Sometimes that is all we can ask, and sometimes it is that living that means the most.
Mom with my son and grandson  2004
The times that we are allowed to spend with someone that impacts our lives is sometimes short, sometimes it is long and we get to savor the changes in the relationship. Mine with my mother has been, thankfully, long. Now it is that I am the adult and she is the child, not always, but it is more frequent now. This has changed our relationship a lot, but it is a good thing not only for me but especially for my son. Her living and surviving has made an impact on my children, my son is able to see the cycle of life, from the beginning with my grandson to the ending with my mother. This is teaching him (I hope) to respect life, to cherish it and to love unquestionably. My son and grandson sat at the hospital with me when Mom had surgery this summer, they were so good, they were so sweet and patient, and they hugged Mom so gently and held her hand. I cried when I went to bed every night, thinking, some day that will be me, I pray that they will be that kind to me and teach their children to be as well. 
 My daughter is older and has a son of her own,  and really, that my mother is still alive has made my daughter stronger I think. She sees that my mother is a strong woman, that she has been there for all of us and I think we all need that. Just that she has kept going, something like the Energizer bunny... she just keeps going and going.... makes a difference to us all. It gives hope that we all can be like that, keeping active and until this summer, she really didn't slow down. Well... there have been setbacks when she was sick, and days that she didn't want to move out of her chair... but at 87 she has done pretty well. Until the middle of June, she was still driving and coming over to visit and going shopping... though some of her trips were short since she was having problems with her heart. She was still able to be up and around.  She has made me realize that there is so much you can do in your life, so much you can live and how quickly it can be taken away from you.

home made  blueberry muffins
  Mom spent New Year's Eve with us also. We had blueberry muffins for breakfast (my son has announced that he really doesn't like muffins, he wants a new tradition for the holidays... bacon and eggs...) and watched the Rose Bowl Parade, it was very nice. It took me back to my childhood when we would be so excited that the parade was coming on. We ooed and ahhhhd  and my son was actually kind of amazed at the floats and the bands and horses and all the hoopla...  This time spent with her is invaluable for my son... he is 10 now, my grandson is 8 and the time that they share with her will last them all their lives. Maybe they can tell their kids something like..."when I was a kid, your Great-Grandmother and I watched this parade together."... That would be nice. Really nice.
Then all of a sudden it was back to school and my son's awards, he got three (I had to add that, I am busting at the seams, I am so proud of him!) Only a four day week but we were soooo ready for the weekend! I haven't worked much on jewelry or anything for that matter. I am still trying to catch up and clean up around the house. There seems to be a clothes monster that came and dropped off all their laundry in my laundry room..... I don't know who wore all these clothes. I stayed in pajamas for a whole week (actually two altogether)... my son as well! Somehow the monster brought in four beds worth of bedding and a months worth of clothes!  So the whole of the house is a wreck and all I can think of is beading :)
Two hearts
I did start on jewelry for the blog...a necklace and bracelet and matching pair of earrings and ring (does anyone else do that? I started on the bracelet and had to work on a necklace because I had an idea, then the ring... back to the bracelet then to earrings and back to the necklace... then back to the bracelet!!). I only have the picture of the bracelet from earlier in the week, working on it. I wanted to set up and take pictures last night, but... my son had other plans. I love it that he is sociable and has friends. He is growing up to be such a sweet young man. Anyway, I am seriously going to try to get pictures done later on. Promise!!!
 The theme of the bracelet I made for this blog is "two hearts" . In our case it is many hearts involved... but to me it was my mom and me. Two hearts... I started it in Valentine's colors without really thinking about it, it isn't Valentine's, but it really is a Valentine's... you see, well, my birthday is the day before Valentine's day, and for a long, long time Mom celebrated both my birthday and Valentine's as one. I know that I didn't appreciate the hearts and the pink and white back then, I thought I was being gyped out of a day of my own... but now, I miss that... I miss that she thought that I was her Valentine. She used to tell me every year about my birth... what she was doing when her water broke (making Valentine’s cards with my sister) and that I was her Valentine's Day gift. Well.... It makes me want to cry right now.
Sooo, my mother was the one all these years that made an impact on me, she made such a difference in my life... and I want to honor her for all the years that she was there for me... yes, the rough and the smooth times in our relationship, because without the rain you can't have a rainbow, without dark you don't appreciate the light. I hope that she is here for another year or two, but I have been bracing myself for the past ten years or so, and after the death of my older brother, I really tried to get my head around the fact that she might not make another year... Cherish each and every day. Pretend that this is the last day, say I love you time and time again... when her memory goes and she asks the same question over and over... be patient and always remember the rainbows.

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  1. Oh my... I have had so much trouble posting this today.. I am flustered and going to take a break from the computer for a bit...

  2. A very touching story - may your mom enjoy many more years of good health.

    1. Thank you, I enjoyed your blog and the necklace you made!

  3. What a lovely post...your mom is an incredble lady, and sounds like you are taking right after her. Your Valentine/Two Hearts bracelet is a lovely idea.

    1. Thank you, I love the charm necklace that you did for your blog!

  4. You have been so blessed...your mom has been such an important part of your life and it's beautiful the way you were able to share it here. Having grandparents in our lives is such an important part of understanding who we are...your son will treasure those times with your mom always. I love the idea of two hearts for your creation.

    1. Thank you! When I read your blog, it made me cry. I know you miss your father a lot, all I can say is that each year that passes makes it easier to look back without as many tears. When I saw your necklace the first thing I thought was that it looked like a stringer of fish.

  5. Even if you didn't finish yet I think that what you did is beautiful & the two hearts concept is very appropriate.. I really liked your post & I hope your Mom gets to spend many more years with you. My oldest was born on Valentines day & he will always be my valentine.

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you will always tell your son about that day even if he cringes! I think your bracelet for the hop is beautiful and very special.

  6. I loved reading your post, and looking at your beautiful beadwork...thank you so much for sharing!


    1. Thank you, I loved your necklace, and about your grandmother. Sweet memories

  7. A lovely post...thanks for sharing..sorry about the complications you had with it. You are one talented lady. It's all going to be fantastic when finished! Rich with meaning and memories.
    Terri G.

    1. Thanks, I love that you kept with the spirit of Marianna. Your necklace is beautiful!

  8. This is such a beautiful tribute to your mother! What a challenge it must have been for her to be a single mother all those years ago. And what a very moving post that life has come full circle for her and for you. What struck me the most is that you are her Valentine, her heart's gift. I am sure that this set will be very special. Thanks for sharing your story and creation. Enjoy the day. Erin

    1. Thank you so much, I loved the necklace that you did. Such memories, makes you stop and think how blessed we all are.

  9. What a lovely story, can't wait to see the finished pieces - such a special tribute.

    1. Thank you, I'll try to get the pictures done soon, I loved your tribute to your Mom. What an wonderful woman! I loved your necklace, that is so lovely!

  10. How beautiful Maire. I'm sorry for all your losses, I suppose as you saw the rainbow is that relationship with your mother, that connection, all the more special. I love the two hearts idea of the jewelry you are making. I'm sure it will be beautiful with such intention behind it. I'm here late so I can at least assure you that now that you are using Live Writer have no fear you can always go back and easily edit from live writer and then it updates as you publish.

  11. What a lovely tribute to your mother. Thanks so much for sharing. Can't wait to see your finished jewelry.

  12. A beautiful tribute to your mother and so many wonderful memories your son and grandson continue to make with her. I love the start of Two Hearts and can't wait to see it when it's finished.

  13. A wonderful piece for a wonderful person!


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