Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Trying a new way to write a blog

First, I have to say a big BIG thank you to Sheryl Stephens. She noted in the Memories and Thanks Blog Hop page on Facebook that we should try Live Writer to post our blogs. I never have before. I have had problems with Blogger and use Word to write my blog and then post it, but I had to use Blogger to upload my pictures. For the Blog Hop, I really had problems with posting the pictures.  I found out that a lot of people were having problems and some were using Explorer, I was using Chrome, so I am not sure that it was this or if it was an issue with Blogger… I have no idea. I finally gave up and walked away from the blog for a while (next day) and I was able to post, I was frustrated from the day of the first posting but I at least got some pictures up.  I am so excited about using Live Writer that I couldn’t wait to try it out!!!
So, my son is not feeling well again. I took him to the doctor today and they think it could possibly be an ulcer. They prescribed a medication for him to try and if he isn’t better in a month they are going to check him for gallbladder problems. If that turns up nothing, they will send us on the Allergist, to see if it could be food allergies. So far, we have tried leaving off certain foods that we know that I  or my daughter is allergic to. However that is really hard to do for us, and we didn’t get very far along… A week for dairy, a month for peanuts except peanut oil… sigh… and almost a week for breads/pasta/grains… That is the hardest for me I think.  Eggs are the hardest for my son. He is an egg kind of guy. He told me that he really doesn’t like blueberry muffins, since I made them at New Years, and he really, really doesn’t like the cranberry nut muffins that I always make at Christmas.  I told him they were tradition, he say… we need another tradition… I asked what he wanted… Bacon and eggs…. I told him that isn’t a tradition, that is a habit. He will eat other things that I make for his breakfast, but really, he really, REALLY wants bacon and eggs.
So, we have had two sick days and I haven’t gotten much done. We sit and read, I worked on a ring and some postcards. My son started building a castle out of Styrofoam building blocks and toothpicks. He has tons of the toothpicks left over from his GT project on toothpick sculpture. It occurred to me that I encouraged him to buy way too many boxes for the size sculpture that he did, but I don’t work in that medium so I don’t have a clue what you need… He’s putting them to good use now, using them to “cement” the blocks, build ladders, walls within the castle and I am sure he will probably build the roof over part of it with the toothpicks as well. Last Summer we visited Hermitage Castle and he was really intrigued by the architecture. He really thought it was so cool and we discussed how it had a roof and how you could see the pitch of the roof over part of it,     IMG_3883IMG_8027and how they had walkways on the top of it…. he really liked that trip. Other castles and Abbeys and Priories he was kind of … eh… but this one he really came alive I think. So, to me the castle he is building is inspired by Hermitage…. OK, so right now it isn’t really looking like anything but a bunch of squares, but my son said he will make it look better tomorrow! Gotta love the way he works though, he likes just tinkering with things until he gets it right.
We have had a cold spell at the house as well. It really has been frigid, dipping into the teens by our thermometer, and the wind-chill dropping it even lower. We haven’t been out except to the doctor’s office and to pick up prescription and get milk… I don’t think we will until the temp rises a bit. I need to get out and clean out the shed in the backyard. I didn’t realize how messy it was until I looked for the Halloween stuff back in October, and forgot how messy it was until I looked for the Christmas stuff back in December… When we put up the Christmas stuff last week, I thought how wonderful it would be to have a fairy to just wave a wand and it would be neatly stacked with all the boxes the same size and clearly marked, maybe in alphabetical order???  But seems the only fairy tale creature that visits our house is that Laundry Monster…. I swear to you, We have another months worth of laundry and it is now just  a week and a half since we got better and school went back and who in the world wears all this stuff?
  IMG_3885 this is the ring I did today, it doesn’t match anything, but I like it. I am setting up to take pictures tonight, but probably won’t get them done until tomorrow, I like the sunlight anyway… I keep telling myself that every time I decide to go to sleep instead of taking pictures! I have 5 projects that I want to photograph, and one that I gave as a present without getting so much as a picture while I was working on it.
Reading so many of the blogs for the bloghop has me kind of emotional. The projects are really sweet and beautiful and inspiring. Thanks to everyone that left comments on mine. I may or may not have seen your blog already, if not, I will get there in the next day or so, If I did, I may not have left a message, but I loved each and every one that I have read. Love you guys.

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