Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ho Ho Ho

Here it is the 13th of December and I still don't have my Christmas decorations up. I have the tree up, which was a great feat in and of itself. I found the lights that I wanted to use and got those on, but ended up that they were way too dark... I used purple only and they are just way too depressing and Halloweenesque... so I started searching for the regular white lights that I used last year, the ugly led lights that I really hate but are so much more economical and easier to use. I can string on a bazillion and they don't burn down the tree or flip the breaker on the electrical box... so I am happy with those. However, I have spent forever looking for them. Never finding them in with the Christmas boxes in the little storage shed that has everything cram packed to the rafters. I did find the googly eyes that I was looking for at Halloween, and the platters and the bottles with the cute and eerily funny labels and the extra test tubes filled with colored sugars...  sigh... 

So I don't have ornaments up yet. I got sick with a cold, I am sure from all the dust in the shed and the stuff that blew in from the North with the last cold front that came through, it is just like me to get sick just before a holiday. My son as well, he's sick now and can't miss any more school. We all know the trouble we were in, allowing him to stay home with a fever last year... They (the school) called with one of the robo-calls and said if your child has flu-like symptoms or has a fever, keep them home and call the school. I did, and bless his heart... they threatened to hold him back a grade, He's a straight A student with perfect citizenship... 

So, I have been washing my hands incessantly and wearing a mask (no joke) and working on a few projects, I am rather pleased with the white bracelet that I made. The picture doesn't do it justice but  right now it isn't on my priorities to take good pictures :(  I am working on a necklace that I don't want to reveal yet, it is for someone and I don't want them to see it!  We are trying to take it easy right now and not stress too much, though it is hard with a ten year old and Christmas only two weeks away. There is always such a rush at the last minute to make sure everything is picture perfect, and this year... well... seems to be that elves are going to have to come in and help out some!

Does anyone else feel inadequate right now???

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