Thursday, December 06, 2012

Mayan Calendar

Here it is December 6th and I don't have Christmas lights up or the tree up, I don't have a wreath, I don't have my cute Christmas sweaters out, I don't have any decorations whatsoever. It isn't because I am bah humbugging... really... I just haven't had the time. Really....  Then maybe in the back of my mind somewhere there is this thought that if the Mayan's were right... maybe decorations are kind of silly. Nah. I really don't think that the Mayans were that great that they knew the precise time that the world would end... and I don't know about the state of affairs that the Middle East is in if it will implode itself and take the rest of the world with it... but maybe there is that in the back of my mind as well?  So really it is that I decorate for other people and never get around to doing my own and kind of get sick of the decorations early. I am one of those people now that takes down the decorations pretty fast. For Halloween, I decorate the day of and then take down that night. I find it pretty tacky to have spooky stuff up during the day and really tacky after Halloween. Christmas is getting almost that bad for me. Bah....

So here is my homage to the Mayan's, this is a bracelet that I made... I kind of like it. Kind of silly really isn't it that we think so much of a people that died out so long ago?  I have always found the culture intriguing and really enjoyed when my son's GT class studied the Mayan and Aztec cultures. One of the trips we took was to the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth to see the Mayan Exhibit The "Fiery Pool". (  ). Totally worth traveling that distance. For us, that distance is 6 hours but really, I would have gone farther just to have my son see some of the things that they were studying. The Kimbell is always a great place to visit, the exhibits are usually great and Fort Worth is always gracious.

So I am going to try to get my Christmas decorations out today, don't know about the tree.... I think I will play that one by ear... but the weather is supposed to be wonderful today and tomorrow, so I guess I better strike while the iron is hot... or make hay while the sun shines... bah....

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