Saturday, May 03, 2014

wonderful weekend so far

We spent the weekend with my daughter... what a fun time. My son and my daughter are funny together, they laugh and cut up even with the difference in age. My son likes to give her a hard time, picks on her and really would have loved to have been just a few years apart in age.
As always, we romped around with the dogs, they don't get along, well, her dog loves our dog, just not the reverse... but they played together pretty well. I just had to post this picture... not of my daughter, that would be normal... me, I'm not so much normal!
My grandpuppy... he's such a big sweety!


  1. I enjoyed looking at all the wonderful pieces you put together, but what really caught my eye was your bulldog and how much I know you love him . I saw an alarming report about dog shows and how breeders of these particular breeding such as yours intermix the pedigree to make your poor bulldog have such an adorable flat face to the point that these poor animals have to undergo serious surgeries as to help them breath . Please look into this as your puppy is probably already experiencing some of the difficulties that follow this breed of dog. It's very sad, I would watch his weight so as to not add to his difficulty with walking poor him bones and bad knees are other factors that hinder this breed. I am sorry but I really felt you deserved to know what's going on. And the good news is that these high and mighty dog shows are now under investigation and new rules and regulations are being rewritten in order to protect these animals from being bred for certain looks .

    1. Thank you , he is my daughter's dog, she got him as kind of a rescue. The man that owned him didn't know how much care a bulldog takes. He was not in that great of shape. Bulldogs have a lot of skin problems as well, mostly due to the numerous folds in their skin and have to be cleaned like a child would be. His eyes have to be cleaned, all the folds and his feet. She takes very good care of him. It is fun to see him, and he gets very excited when they get near to our house. He doesn't stop to urinate before he comes in, and doesn't stop to sniff around, he comes bounding in and spends a good ten minutes just having me pet him and scratch his belly. He is maybe 6 or 7 years old already and is spry as a puppy still. My daughter keeps him on a pretty strict diet and complains to me when I give him snacks! I ave rescue Greyhounds. Well, just one now, she is actually a Wolfhound. My big greyhound passed away and we just haven't had the heart to get another.

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