Tuesday, December 10, 2013

counting down to Christmas

I found some tunes on the radio and we put up the tree today, I'm getting there. I say we put the tree up but so far it is just the tree and the lights. I guess that is better than nothing?  I'm trying out some green LED lights this year, last year I tried out the purple, but they ended ujp being way too dark, and I didn't think they looked good mixed with the white... so, it ended up being all white lights, but this year.... I am going against tradition altogether. I put on lime green lights tat I got at Sams for Halloween. I just knew they would be perfect on the Christmas tree.... I am still not sure... but they are on and I'm not taking them off! 
The lime green would be perfect with Grinch-like ornaments, and I may do that yet. I think a Whoville tree top star would be cool. 

So, we went to the Artwalk in Alpine the weekend before Thanksgiving, and got snowed in. Well, not really so much snow, but tons of ice.  The little cabin we stayed in was cozy and warm, but  the walk was pretty miserable, though we got to see some really wonderful artists, and I ate fried pickles...which is one of my favorites!   We stayed in Ft Davis the first night and skipped the receptions that I really wanted to go to. But that was even nice. We stopped at the Mercado and got a couple of hens and a bottle of wine, and made dinner  which was wonderful and I enjoyed the wine.

The next morning, my son made breakfast for us... which was really wonderful! He is really getting to be good at making things, he even made toast on the griddle... which is my favorite! Ended up the road on to Alpine wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. There had been a car go off the road just North of Ft Davis, on the road to  Balmorhea, and we drove about 30 all the way, but from Ft Davis on to about 4 miles out of Alpine the road was actually clear. go figure. 

 We ended up cooking dinner instead of going out, and we played out with the dog, taking turns freezing with her. She didn't want to come inside, She absolutely loves the snow and ice. My son skated around and spent a lot of time on his bottom! But he loved every minute of it. When we finally went home, the roads had cleared a lot, only making us drive really slow a couple of times, just in case. Everything was melting but the  further North we got, the more the

clouds were building, It looked bad, but ended up not being bad at all. Our electricity had been off while we were gone, I don't know how long, but there had been power outages all over town. The house was cold but it was good to be home. '
Mom stayed over for a couple of nights, and we had Thanksgiving with my sister's family, My daughter and grandson were here as well, but seems like we didn't get to visit at all. 

 We  had another cold spell this past weekend, a lot of ice and school was called off on Friday, which makes it bad for my son, he has his GT on Friday, and I don't think they will be able to make it up... 

So, between being sick, holiday and company, getting the chance to snuggle...and the ever growing pile of laundry, and projects, I haven't got anything done!

Forgot the gloves!
I am working on a quilt, well, actually three quilts, I started one a while back, it isn't as far along as I had planned, but it is ready to be in the frame, I just have to get that frame out and put up, one is already all cut out and in the process of being sewn together, and one is half cut out. I dyed fabric yesterday for the last pieces of the quilt that I am sewing, and for the other half of the quilt to be cut out.  If that makes any sense. 
I've dyed cotton, flannel, and chambray

these are ready to go.
I can't wait to finish them, they are all three for Christmas presents, soo.... I'll not show the whole thing, that way no one will know who itis for...

getting set up is my favorite part of sewing!
I love sewing with this old machine, and it is handy to take with you when you travel. I do have a cheap little portable, and heck, my old Kenmore and Brother are portable, but there is just something that makes you want to sew on these little Singers.

what not to do with your cutting mat!
I ruined my cutting mat, one side only, when I was painting something or other, but then I stuck down pieces of tape, and who knows what...So I add this as a "what not to do with your cutting mat"... I know, I know, I should take better care of things ,but you iknow... I never take the time to put something down to catch paint, glitter, tape, paper mache, gosh, really there is too much to count when I start messing around... I do put the mats up usually, but sometimes, I'm in a hurry, and well... I just don't think about having to scrub off all that stuff.  I seem to put a lot of junk onto my cutting mat, and I really do turn it over sometimes, and sometimes I get out my good mat, and use it  then put it away quickly... I use it for silks and fabric that I want to be extra careful with. 
Strings off the Chambray that I dyed.... All I can see of these is making some jewelry!