Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bead Soup and Crackers

Ahhh, February, it is normally a beautiful month and this year is no exception. Some years we have near 90 degree weather, so far it has just been up around 80, but beautiful none the less.
I have this love/ hate relationship with February. I love that it is 'Spring' and every day is so beautiful... and I hate it because of the unexpected cold spells and  Valentine's Day and my birthday, and well, it is bittersweet.  I worked the hardest in February for many, many years. 70 hour weeks were slow years... ahhhh.... I am not working this year. I am, but not in the floral industry. Sigh, I kind of miss that, but not so much that I would ever go back to work in that field again :) !
I thought that I had posted on here somewhere who I ended up being partnered with for the bead soup blog party, but obviously it was on another blog that I mentioned it... and on my facebook page I know I did, but I was paired up With Shannon Hicks, who is also a seed beader, and that is great! I went to her blog page --- -- and I love her work. Go there and take a look at her lovely work, she is so creative...

I sent off the beads for the bead soup on Thursday, seemed like there were so many obstacles in the way I didn't know if I would get to the Post Office or not... but I did finally and got the package labeled, postaged, and taped and insured and in the drop. I would imagine that it didn't get into the mail until late or the next morning, though by my clock in the truck it was on time to get out in the evening pickup. I hope so... I can't wait for Shannon to get the beads... then I am worried as well... I left out a little baggie out of the package, grrrrrr..... I didn't notice it until last night. I am so angry with myself for not noticing that it had fallen down next to my desk and I just didn't see it.... It was the one baggie that I wanted to be in it... I hope that what I sent is ok. I would stick it into the mail but I would have to send it overnight and just can't afford that right now. sigh.
So I will post a couple of pictures, hoping that the package has already been delivered... I am pretty sure it should be or at least by the morning mail tomorrow... I have hesitated to post anything, hoping that it would be a surprise, but really... I am so disappointed in myself for leaving out the other beads that I might as well go ahead and post what I have sent.
My son has had another bout of tummy problems, he is going to have to go in next week and we will test for his gallbladder... see if it is the problem. He has lost a couple more pounds, pounds that he doesn't have to lose. I think we need to check his blood sugar as well.. seeing that Greg had diabetes and my brother and grandmother, and aunt... I think that it would be prudent for them to check just in case... I know the tummy thing isn't that but that if he is eating still it shouldn't be making him lose weight. Another big sigh....
I have moved around most of my workroom this past week. Moved out the wardrobe and a lot of things that I didn't need in there and the tables that I stored in there. I have no idea where I am going to store them, but I will find a place that is less intrusive :)   I can't wait to have more space in there to work, I can't wait to work... The whole week was spent going between the college and on the phone with them, and working on classes and the school and getting the beads into the mail.  Ha! I spent a lot of time doing nothing really.

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