Thursday, May 10, 2012

I have been working a lot lately, just have been negligent in writing. I had hoped that having a way to share my work would be relaxing... ha! I have finished at the college for the semester... I have two workshops coming up this Summer, but really, I just want to be done. I went to the doctor today and he is going to do surgery on my eyes over the next month so maybe by the end of Summer... I'll be able to see again!  For all my whining, I am really ready to have it done. It is getting harder and harder to work.

So here is a picture of one of the necklaces I taught this semester, I'm adding more fringe to it. It was difficult to find the beads that I wanted in the amount that I wanted.... since I didn't know the class size until the day before the class... soooooo, I used these since there were tons I could 
 purchase locally. I had a couple of students that were dissapointed that the beads weren't going to be exactly the same as the picture in the brochure. So, I suppose a disclaimer would be appropriate from here on. 

I have also been working on a necklace that is 6/0 square beads, clear with silver lining. I kind of like the square beads, though I adore 11/0 triangle beads more than anything else I think! 

OOOOOOOOOO! (squealing like a little girl looking at Justin Bieber)  We have had rain all day!!!! It started in the night really, I probably would have slept through it but the dogs kept running in wanting to be reassured that everything was fine, no booger bear was coming for them.  They were so funny, but not in that haha sort of way... more in that hmmmmm sort of way when you are tired and want to sleep but they were just goofy.  So the temperature has been low and it has been a blessing since we have been over 100 already. My yard is lapping up every drop since I haven't watered the grass in maybe a year? We are rationing water, which means we are down to watering only 2 hours per week, with some fines involved if you get caught watering on off times (or using a water sprinkler).  I, however have been pretty good about sticking to my no water policy. I will only water trees, since you have to have a couple of trees in your yard... I refuse to allow them to dry up. I have lost 4 rose bushes, 4 shrubs, and all my potted plants with exception of the crazy poinsettia from Christmastime. For whatever reason, it has new leaves sprouting

Off to bed with me now! I am sleepy, or my eyes are just really tired... oh the torturous things they do at the Ophthalmologist's office :{

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