Sunday, September 28, 2014

Yankee Legends

Derek Jeter's last

I have to tell you , being a Texan, I grew up on Texas Rangers baseball, but the Yankees always held a place in my heart... What's not to love? It is the home of legends... and when Jeter signed on... who knew he would be in the same books with those legends like DiMaggio, Mantle... Ruth... Gehrig.
There have been others.Reggie Jackson, Bernie Williams, Roger Maris, ARod ( I suppose he won't ever count, but he was really good) Many have played, some forgotten, like Tony Lazzari who was a second baseman for the Yankees, even though he still holds the record in the American League for the 11 runs he drove in in ONE game in 1936, or that he still holds the Major League record for recording and RBI in 15 consecutive games. The name is forgotten.
Do people still remember stats? I don't, I can't even remember my phone number half the time, there are so many numbers running through my head. War of 1812, Columbus sailed the ocean blue, in 14 hundred and 92. My social security number, My kids social security number. My mother's... sigh. I've never been good a numbers anyway, but trying to remember how many home runs Roger Maris had in his single season best that beat Babe Ruth's... 61, by the way. Or that Lefty Gomez, the Yankee's pitcher threw 28 shutouts. That Mickey Mantle had a .353 batting average. Or, that Yogi Berra wasn't a cartoon character, but a really great backstop for the Yankees who had 10 World Series titles under his belt.

The game just isn't the same now is it? Maybe it has gotten better? Maybe it has lost some of it's luster, though. Sure when Mark McGwire was beating records, one after another they went, he was like the golden boy with a career 583 home runs. When he and Sammy Sosa were locked in this battle of stats, back and forth, Sosa just trailed McGwire, but all in all, it seems that was tainted. Can the kids look back and say it was all skill? Jose Canseco rocked the whole country with his tell all book in 2005. Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits & How Baseball Got Big. Bring down the game, bring down the players, and bring down a dream.  
Baseball doesn't seem like America's game any more. 
At least, to me, it seems like just the jaded, scandal-ridden, professional sport that is just there to make the money. Legends fall and are forgotten, no one remembers what it was like to have the local team be the representative of your dreams and aspirations. Guys like Mantle were looked up to, emulated and loved. 
I don't want my son to be an athlete. 
But there was that hope in Jeter... He seemed to be one of those guys that put his love for the game first. He was always respectable. He was always professional. He was lovable and worthy of respect. Kids should emulate him.
Jeter ended his career with  3,465 hits, in Boston of all places and a 9-5 win over the Red Sox. Derek Jeter said goodbye and headed into the locker room for the last time as a player. Earlier, the Red Sox had presented him with a piece of the famed Fenway, a piece of the "Green Monster" that had white lettering spelling out "Re2pect".  I think that says it all.

picture from gazette net . com

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

31 Days in October

Yipee! 31 Days is back in October!
If you don't know what 31 Days is  then you have been missing out! 31 Days is an online writing challenge that was started by Myquillyn Smith (The Nester) 
 It is each day in October, a blog a day, you choose the topic and write about it...There are 9 categories such as Inspiration & Faith and Personal Endeavors, and you can actually pick what ever it is that you want to write about...
At first I thought it would be great to pick something that was going to be super easy to write about, maybe like jewelry or something like a bible quote a day... something that is a no brainer... but why? Why would you go to the trouble to join a challenge without the challenge part?
Sooo.... I am not positive, but I thin my blog is going to be 31 Days of Vision...
What is that?
You are just going to have to come back and visit to see what it is going to be. and... let me tell you, it won't be what you expect every day. I intend to take the blog  to a place that I haven't been to in quite a while, and if you have not read my blogs from years ago... then you will not know where I can lead!

So, come back for the month of October, enjoy reading as the blog dares to delve into Vision. Hope you enjoy it, and maybe join along with a blog of your own, if you try it, you will never give it up. Blogging is such a sweet relief to stress and to that pent up creativity that is running around in your head. Don't worry that it isn't going to be 'good enough', that isn't going to be an issue here, it won't matter if it isn't professionally written, it matters that you are enjoying the experience, that you are looking into yourself and drawing that part of you out that you know is in there... It is a chance to study, to research, to think, to dream, to experience new things... Come on... you know you want to jump in... Just do it!

Monday, September 01, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

So today is Labor Day, doesn't mean as much now as it did a hundred years ago, not even 50 years ago, but it is a nice respite from the day to day... It is not inconvenient that shops are closed....unless you need to buy  the Band kit for school tomorrow, then you are out of luck. We, unfortunately, in the buying of all the other stuff that "Fang" needed for his 50 other classes (yes, I know it is only 7 classes) we forgot to stop by and pick up the kit... We do have the Cornet ready to go. The trumpet is a no go, it still isn't fixed, but maybe later on he will use it. So, I suppose he will be behind a bit? I don't honestly know what the band kit is. I would think it is the clip on music holder, which we have... and maybe cleaner? or who knows...
The first week of school went fine, the first two days were orientation, they went over and over what they wanted the kids to do, indoctrination at it's finest. Will my child obey? Yes, probably so, lockstep with all the other good little GT kids, and I will be happy that he has done so. I act like I am so wild and free, but I was one of those lockstepper as well. I was the good girl, and I just kind of expect him to be the same.... My daughter.... not as much so. She was a great kid, don't get me wrong, but she did have some backbone.

Awww, don't get your knickers in a twist... I would never tell my child to rebel.. but secretly I think I was proud of my daughter for standing up for what she saw as right, even if I didn't agree, she had her principles. My son does as well, but he probably won't say a whole lot.

Good news... he didn't poo in his pants, not once the whole week... lol... we had a good laugh when I asked him if he found the bathrooms and his locker and classes ok, he said yes, I asked if the bathrooms were nicer than his old school... he said I don't know.... why? I ask, ... he says that he didn't go in,..... me~ why? He says that he didn't need to go.... oh, good, then you didn't poo in your pants... LOL... we both laughed.

I made breakfast every morning, and lunches, which he didn't eat the first two days... He said he wasn't hungry, but I am thinking that he just was nervous. Most likely that was it, he said the first day he sat alone, the second his friend from down the street ate with him, I don't know about the rest of the week, he ate, but he didn't elaborate... I am so nervous for him. I want him to have friends, to be popular, to not feel shy... I was, and am... so shy. I know I don't come across as it, but... I am so awkward at making friends. I grew up at a time when bullies were everywhere, and I moved with my family to new schools and I was doomed.

 I was shy, kind of awkward, and I just didn't talk like everyone else.  Kids would "befriend" me just to make me talk to them, which I did, and they would make fun of my accent... or how I dressed, or how I looked... Junior High was wonderful/torture.... I had some friends that were great and  I am still in contact with today, and some 'friends' that were so mean to me. I saw one person on Facebook that I sent a friend request, since I remembered her so well, and she is friends with some of the other ladies that I am friends with... and then I thought about why I remember her so well.... she was so mean to me. UGH... I revoked my friends request...

I know I am over protective, but I want my son to not have those hard times... but.... isn't that what gives us character? I learned....ever so painfully.... how to deal with bullies. It took me a long time, and a lot of heartbreak... but I can deal with them, politely, efficiently, and with little pain now.  My son will have to face that in his own time... and this will be his proving ground.  Hard as it is for me to watch....
I don't think my mother noticed that I had problems in school... My older siblings were so different, they were strong willed and like my older sister, were pretty socially accepted... me, not so much... I was the nerd, the geek  in class... I had my nose in books too often, I was absent a lot, and when I was at school... I actually enjoyed learning so I was not in the crowd with the kids that were 'cool' so much.... I skipped school with a friend in junior high, one time... it was rebellious I know... but I regretted it after a few minutes... I was ready to go back to class!!! That was pretty much it for me.
I always say that Junior High was hardest for me, but then we moved when I was in High School, it was  horrid. I felt tremendously out of place, and it was pretty obvious that I would never fit in to that school... I did make a couple of dear friends, that I am still in touch with, but for the most part, I was an unknown. I kept my head down, nose in books... I did join a lot of clubs. Junior Classical League, Latin Club, French Club, Spanish Club, FTA, Masque and Scroll, I was even an officer in Choir, but I doubt that anyone remembers me...
My husband and I went to school together, and honestly, I remembered him, and he remembered me... How... I have no idea... It was a huge class, it was a huge school, chances of us meeting were slim to none... and we didn't have any classes together, I took language and had to make up a Health class because they wouldn't transfer my Science classes... So we never talked...we never hung out at the same events...He and some of his friends did come through one place I worked, laughing and joking and not noticing me...  we never had anything to do with each other, but I wish every day that we had. After 20 years, it was nice to really meet him, to know him, to love him... I want my son to have someone that he has grown up with, that he shares some wonderful memories with to marry.... sigh.... my husband thought it would be wonderful as well, we talked about it when "Fang" was in kindergarten, that maybe he would fall in love with one of the sweet girls in his class and marry them some day... Yes, we were already planning back then, and I still tell him every now and then what he should look for in a wife. Patience, kindness, virtue, all the things that help in a relationship. And someone who loves him dearly ( and can tolerate his mother).

All will be right in the world.... school will pass quickly, college... career, family... it will all happen in the blink of an eye... and I will be happy. Happy that he grew up so well, and that he will be happy... with kids of his own to reminisce about his junior high days... and how miserable/happy he was.