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If you’re more interested in playing the “hater” card than you are in confessing your own hate; if you want to arrogantly lecture, rather than humbly learn; if you don’t want to feel guilt in your soul when you are guilty of sin; if you want to be enabled rather than confronted, there are many universities across the land (in Missouri and elsewhere) that will give you exactly what you want, but Oklahoma Wesleyan isn’t one of them.
~Dr. Everett Piper, President
Oklahoma Wesleyan University

In this day and time in history, when everyone is offended by everything... this man is a moral compass.I don't know him, I didn't go to this college, I don't attend the church that it is affiliated with... but this is a wise man.

He couldn't have picked better words to tell the campus as a whole, what was inspired by one person... Yet, it wasn't inspired by one person... it was inspired by the attitude of the whole of America it seems, and possibly the whole world. 

Right now, there are people who actually think that they are more worthy, somehow, than anyone else, and that their "feelings" are somehow not to be disturbed... by anything or anyone. 

Don't you dare talk about anything that might make them feel uncomfortable, don't do anything that might make them feel out of place... don't make more money, don't drive a car that is nicer... wear clothing that is offensive, that is too revealing, not revealing enough... pfft...
the list goes on and on and on... 
One person is going to be offended by something that is totally different than another.
This statement was brought about by a student complaining about a sermon...

It's a religious college...

Like the man says, if this offends you, this probably isn't the place for you. 

This is something that I want to say, want to keep in my mind for the time when someone has the audacity to tell me that they are offended by what I say or do or wear... within reason that is... I mean, we have rules, we have boundaries for a reason. To have a society that is together, that is cohesive, we need to have boundaries. It's called a community, or a society, a country, an alliance of like minded people... and yes, it is ok to stretch those boundaries, but really, that is what having a community is all about... a group of people that want to live together even if they are a bit different. What doesn't fit in, are the people that want to come in and completely change the entirety of the community, to suit the needs of one or two individuals. Or to make the community completely change their beliefs because one or two people don't believe the same. 

I have 'friends' that believe that if they are of one religion, or not of any religion... that they should be accommodated by all. They actually believe that everyone should be ok that they are wanting everyone to change and believe either the same, or try to make them 'not believe' in their religions... they mock, they say hurtful things, they chastise... but refuse to think how it would be if it were the other way around.

What if I came to live with a group of people who were all agnostic, or atheist?  Say that I came in...believing in Christ, and wanted everyone to set aside their deep seated belief that there is nothing. That no one is going to Heaven, no one is saved by the blood... it doesn't matter what you do or how you live... that it is all a matter of living and dying and nothing else... 

I want them to change. I want them all to believe the same, or at least let me live with them, live amongst them and never hear a word from them of how I am wrong... of how I am making them uncomfortable... of how I differ from them.  I want them to respect my feelings and to change so that I don't feel a bit uncomfortable in my foreign beliefs. 

Do you really believe that would happen?

Don't kid yourself. 

This is what is being asked every day of our kids in colleges, this is what is being asked every day in our communities, our country... we are being asked to turn our backs on our religion, on our principles, and our camaraderie.  We are being barraged by guilt for being one color, or not enough of another, or heaven help us... mixed colors... we are being barraged by the people who want equality for all... which, don't get me wrong... is a good thing.. but it will never be what this group of people want. It will not be enough to have everyone equal in each other's eyes... it is their goal that everyone is the same on the economic level, the same on religion, or lack thereof, on social levels, and educational levels... the same benefits, the same pay, the same everything...

THIS would be EUTOPIA.

This is impossible. Given human nature, and given that someone, always will be someone... who will want power, will want more, will want to take over. 

It has happened throughout history, in every social and economic experiment ever... there is always someone who will take over, usually a group that will take over, someone will have more, someone will have less, and someone will want to be more, some will be resentful even if their portion is the same.

It just doesn't work. 

What does work is having the ability to make and do what you are capable of doing. 
It might sound bad, it might sound like it is wrong, but it is the only way that people have lived this long. And maybe that is the whole of the problem. We have flourished, we have been fruitful and multiplied... and we have bred a whole generation that is horrible. 
They, the new generation, which is really just an offspring of the 1960s generation... the peace and love and no war... communes are great...

Yes, I want no war. Yes, peace is good. The idea of everyone having the same? The idea of everything being  shared? Not so much. What happens when you get tired of the drudgery? What happens when you get tired of being exactly the same?
This would work if no one has aspirations, no one has dreams. This works if there is no one that is lazy, no one that is sick, no one that can't uphold their end of the work.
But what we forget is that those people that wanted these things in the '60s are the ones that are pushing this socialism thing, but they are the very ones that have gone into corporate America and ruined the system. They are the ones that have been greedy, they are the ones that are inflating and deflating our economy... they are the ones that have made the mess...and now want to change everything because they have made it broken. 

My father's generation, the greatest of all, built up the United States... and yes, she had problems, but she was great.  Industry, learning, economic health, she had them all. Yes there were problems inside, like racism, poverty, but they were being fixed. Today, it seems that we have taken not a step back, but a leap... My father would be shocked at the way we treat each other. He had hopes that our country was going in the right direction, not to what has caused  this chasm that is between our people. 

I don't have a solution.

But I know that the way we're going isn't good.

If you would like to read the entirety of the speech, please click here Oklahoma Wesleyan.

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