Sunday, May 03, 2015

When you are in the midst of crisis...

When you find yourself in the midst of crisis... whether it is personal, familial, financial or... well... one of those huge disasters that effects millions, what do you do?

We found ourselves... my whole family, in the midst of medical crisis several times this year alone. My dear mother, who is the rock of the family I guess... has had numerous battles thus far in 2015.  I suppose over the past 60+ years she has had one after the other, and she has always bounced back, each and every time... but with less quickness as time has passed.
This time, it is going to be a slow and painful process... as she is not really ever going to be the same.
Right now, I thought I could write about the ordeal, but I guess it is for more private writing. It is still too fresh and painful to be able to write where anyone else could read about the long and drawn out affair...

Well, in good news, we are handling it. as a family, I suppose. It can't be all horrid and painful news without some spark of light, can it?

How do you handle a crisis? How do you keep your sanity when all around you seems to be insane?

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