Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Family, home and school

This is one of those posts that I love.
It isn't about how bad things are, or how much I can't cope...
Posting today is such a relief!
Mom had a doctor's visit on Monday, and it was very, very good. They took out staples and she made it through like a trooper. She was so very, very tired but she is alive! She is coping, and she is actually doing so much better than just a couple of weeks ago.
I had pretty much given up all hope of her living.  I hated to be so depressed and sad, thinking that she would just die and it be so painful and horrible, and that i just never really thought she would go that way...

But what a difference a day makes, and what a difference a good doctor makes... what a difference love and caring make!

The doctor said we had really made the right decision with having mom go through yet another surgery. He said that she surprised him with her speedy recovery... and that he thought she was doing so much better, he didn't need to see her again for a week.

What a glorious pronouncement that is!

Mom has fooled us all over the years. She is a tough old boot. At 90, she is still able to go through major surgery, two at once to be exact, and to come out of it and to thrive.  It gives me hope, hope that we will have that bit of extra time... that we have cheated fate and will use every spare minute to love her the best we can.

She had entered what they call a "medical resort" ! What is actually a retirement home, nursing home if you will. The first two months will be intense rehabilitation. So far they are having her lift weights with her leg, try to stand with help, and to strengthen her arms to be able to  use a wheel chair. The food is amazing there. They serve what seems to be really wonderful food, hot, fresh and appetizing, and she is able to eat on her own.

Mind you, she is not out of the woods... she had a possible infection in her right leg, but the doctor gave her antibiotics for a week, and we will see how that goes, but all in all, she looks great. Getting some color back into her and is getting stronger every day so she seems to be so much better.

To any of you that knew what was going on, thank you for your prayers for her and our family.
This has been a burden as well as a blessing. I have spent as much possible time as I can and our household is suffering, as well as my sweet boy. He has missed time for assignments, and school activities, but he is a trooper! This is so much more important than anything else!
If you are a praying person, send some our way, if not, just send good thoughts, I know that the power is there.

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