Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Weather and pictures

The weather has been wonderful here the past few days, it has been over 60 each day, which for this time of year is quite normal for our part of the country. I live in the desert so we don't get much in the way of rain and snow, but when we do, it doesn't last long. A couple of weeks ago we had an ice storm that was
 amazingly beautiful and frightening at the same time.  We didn't lose any tree limbs, but the next door neighbor lost a few really large ones and trees all up and down the block lost multiple branches... We were lucky, there were trees down all around the area, some hitting houses or vehicles. We were also lucky this storm that we never lost power, the lights flickered quite a few times. Last year we lost power while we were in Alpine for the Art Walk, We were iced in there, by the time we got home, the ice was pretty much gone here... I only knew that we didn't have electricity by the appliances and clocks around the house flashing.  Year before last, we were without electricity for a whole day, ok, so that isn't bad, but this house is total electric... no electric, no warm food.
We kept the birds fed and with accessible water, the real ice only lasted a couple of days, but the leftover bits in the shade lasted nearly a week. Brrrrrr. I think we adopted more doves than ever before. One day I counted 30 and the sparrows are too many to count.  I love the doves, but so does the hawk that keeps an eye out on the yard. One day he swooped down and grabbed one of the Mourning Doves out of the tree. Now they post a watchbird that will keep an eye out for the others. He is really pretty sitting with his neck craned and watching the sky constantly.
The Guard

 Then we have some of the doves that will fly up and bang on the door, I am not sure if they are trying to get our attention or if they are just stupid and run into the door. They do it whether the inner door is open or not, so I don't think it is because they think it is an open space, but I don't know why they do it. One cheeky little thing will come up to the door and beg.
Elka loves to sit in front of the door watching the birds until they get used to her, then she will pop up and bark or paw at the door and the birds will scatter en mass, she has a satisfied smirk on her face as if she has done a great deed and will be rewarded... I complain to her... leave the birds alone.... Ginger, the new dog... the little micro red heeler that we adopted just before Christmas will run to the door and bark, scaring the birds off, then she will wag her tail... telling me that she has been a good girl and needs a treat... I'll admonish her as well, but as she is still way too skinny, I give her a treat anyway.
Ginger surrounded by her mess

On the new dog front, we are getting used to having a smaller dog around. We still miss MacIntyre, but I'm kind of liking the smaller dog. One, she doesn't take up so much room... she has a regular dog bed, not the oversized humongously big bed that takes up 6 square feet of space (though she will sleep on the big bed just to annoy Elka), she doesn't eat us out of house and home. Ginger doesn't take up a whole couch(seriously, I bought the huge pink couch just so Mac would have a couch to lay on... sad but true)... matter of fact, she doesn't sit on the couch much, Elka take up the whole love seat and I won't allow them on is  the pink couch, I know, I know, that isn't nice... but that was Mac's couch and now that he is gone, it is my couch!    Another thing, Ginger can come into my workroom without knocking everything
Elka laying on Ginger's bed, doesn't fit..
off shelves with either her tail or just by bumping into everything... that is pretty nice in itself. Mac used to come in my workroom and literally knock books off shelves, boxes, saws, anything and everything. Elka doesn't come in my workroom often, she doesn't like to lay down in there, and she doesn't really want to be around anyone anyway. She is so much like a cat... she will come in, knock stuff down, get pet and a nice scratch behind her ear and then leave... Ginger will come in and lay down by me and stay for hours. Which leads me to number one reason I like her, she will lay on my feet... I can't tell you how nice that is! I have terribly cold feet, I like having the small space heater on them and I now share it with the little critter. She is a girl of my own heart... she is cold all the time... I guess or else she has no nerve endings... she sits as close as possible to the little heater, hogging it to herself, which is ok by me as long as she lays on my feet and keeps them warm!!

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