Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Wagon

Welp, I fell off the "Wagon" today. "Fang" had a Tennis Tournament that started at 7:30 am.... That's MORNING... and today is Saturday! SATURDAY!!!  In civilized countries, that means sleeping time...
So, today, for the very first tournament... at 7:30 AM... it was nice and very chilly. We live in the desert for crying out loud... it is never chilly here until the end of October. OK, so chilly in my books is 55F and I suppose that is what it was this morning, cause I was cold. I made myself coffee really without thinking about it. I put it in my nice pink thermal cup with the lid... has a nice pink ribbon on the side of it... and packed the leftover chicken, cucumber slices, sliced apple, sliced plums, yoghurt, and some rolls... and called it lunch.
I started drinking my coffee... the forbidden liquid... on the way to the match. I looked at my cup and went... oh, man...
It was good.
Back to square one tomorrow. cause I had sugar in it as well...
By the way, there were five Junior High schools competing today... Fang came in 4th ...big smiley face!

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