Monday, October 06, 2014

Sugar withdrawal

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Today is my second day in Sugar withdrawal. I read a blog by a lady that is banning sugar from her life and I thought... I've been needing to do this for so long!
 The blog is called 31 Days Sugar Sober and is such a wonderful blog... today is the second day for me, I had wanted to start reading the first day, but missed out in all the rush of figuring out how to make buttons and links and writing blogs and... sigh... I forgot that I was going to start off the month of October kicking the "habit" that is so deep in my soul right now.
I've pretty much done this before. Not in a healthy manner usually, it is usually like 6 years ago, I just quit eating.  6 years ago I didn't do it to lose weight. I did it because I was grieving. I just didn't eat, and I quit caffeine for the most part because I didn't have it in me to make coffee or tea or go to the store to get soda. I lost a ton of weight and I felt physically better and worse. Sadly, off and on my whole adult life (and teen years) I have just quit eating to lose weight. It is honestly the only way I can start losing. After a few weeks of practically starving, my body kicks in and I start losing, and I feel better and start back eating tiny amounts. I know this isn't good, but it worked for me.
  Don't judge. I can look back and see pictures of myself, thinking at the time that I was fat... realizing that I was overly skinny, especially in my High School Graduation pictures. I know what it leads to... and I know how my low self esteem was picked up by my daughter and she did the same thing...

This time, I am going to do it right. I haven't stopped eating, I am not mourning nor do I want to just lose weight, I want to be healthy.  I am putting away both caffeine and sugar at the same time, so pray for me... no, scratch that... pray for my family!

I don't eat a lot of sugar to start with, I don't crave sweets, but I do crave soda. I love Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, heck, I'll drink Coke if it comes down to it. I am from Texas so I love Sweet Tea with lemon or lime, and I will drink hot tea in the morning, coffee... not espresso, but I love milk coffee and will drink a whole pot if I'm left unattended.

So, how's it going?

I can't really say it is going well. I have the normal headache from the lack of caffeine in my body, but I am trying to drink more water and unsweetened cranberry juice. I have been sick for a couple of weeks and I can't quite tell if it is the withdrawal from caffeine or the medicine that is making me feel funky. I usually have a couple of weird days of my body rejecting the germs and fighting for health and I usually go to bed and recover after going to the doctor... but I haven't had that option this go round...

 Yesterday I had tea for breakfast, but it wasn't Tea, tea... it as an apple and cinnamon tea that didn't really have any "tea' in it.  I had a tiny bit of raw honey in it, which  I will allow myself to have, in minute quantities. I felt like I need a bit of something sweet and if it is raw honey, not some corn syrup mixed, processed honey... that would be ok.  YECK!  I am not a raw honey fan... so maybe it would be better just to knock out the sweet altogether? I find that I am not so much 'raw' fan at all. I keep trying to drink the algae stuff Kombucha... blech. It is so hard for me to drink it. I'd rather have our tap water... big blech.

I can drink Iced Tea without sugar.. .but can I go without Iced Tea?  I think October is going to be a good month to start down this path. It is blissfully cool this year, we've had a wonderfully wet September so I think that will help out.  I drink more tea in the Summer than anything. October just seems right. By the time Halloween comes around, my body will hopefully be  out of withdrawals and my son is too old to go trick or treating for candy... so no problems, right?

Except for November... and December....  all the food and all the parties... cookies, pies, and... I can do this. It isn't like I eat a lot of them... but when it is the holidays, I want to have pumpkin pie... pecan pie... sugar cookies. At least one piece of each. I am pretty good about that.. .it is the pumpkin spice coffee that is my downfall, with lots of creamer and a dollop of whipped cream... that is what gets me.
 ....mmmm... coffee....

Six years ago, I lost 50 pounds not trying to. I ended up being tired, sick and having huge eye problems, but I 'felt' good. You know, people were complimenting me on how I looked, they were all intended to be nice, but I think about it, and I'm kind of angry. Why is it that we judge beauty on how tiny a person's waist is? This is what got me in the boat I am in now. Surviving on caffeine and sugar because I wouldn't eat... I had to have energy, so I would have a Dr Pepper to get my blood pumping... and in the long run, I became addicted to it. I gained weight over the years, because in the end, when you have kids, you cook, you try to eat with them, you try to set an example... but you keep drinking the soda, the sweet tea,  the flavored coffee... and you gain weight.
It is in the back of my mind that I can't quit eating... I can eat right. Substitute fruits and vegetables instead of breads and meats,... or in a better proportion, which I have been doing since the whole celiac thing .  I can choose to not have soda, not have sugar... the corn syrup is the part that is so addicting I think. It is so sweet and gives you that high... that sugar high that makes your body crave more...

mmmm... pumpkin pie....

Ok, so most of my friends drink diet sodas and tell me, oh, just have this soda... it's diet... but... I have never liked drinking diet sodas. I never liked the taste, or the after taste.  I am afraid of the chemicals {1}anyay, Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that is used with Stevia or by itself and Sulphite Amonia Carmel is used as a coloring agent... urgh!!!  Some studies actually show weight increases even with use of artificial sweeteners  {2}. So I'll opt for those studies that show that dropping sugary and artificially sweetened drinks altogether and just say no!

That is such a hard thing to do. It is like quitting an old friend. And how on earth can you go to Rosa's Cafe without having Sweet Tea with a lime in it, or a nice, refreshing Dr. Pepper with a lime?

I know, right? It is just not going to be the same. But... while I am at it, maybe leaving Rosa's behind would be a good thing as well? What we eat there can't be good for you. I have been trying to push having vegetables, fresh vegetables, for meal time anyway, and Rosa's just doesn't have anything more than a bit of lettuce and some chopped tomato if you are lucky. the Guacamole doesn't count, that is unless you intend to eat a whole container of it... then you are eating a whole bowl of corn chips. That can't ever be good.

Is there anything that you eat or drink that you know is bad for you? Is there a solution to eating it that doesn't make you cranky or craving?
I'd really like to hear how you have managed to kick a habit... or, if you are wanting to... what method will you use?

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