Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Halloween soon!

You can feel it in the air today, that Fall feeling! Yipeee!!!
I am excited, as normal for Fall, but this year it seems that we are in that weather pattern that we normally don't get... a slow change in seasons. We are in Indian Summer right now, something that is not normal for our part of the woods... er, desert.  That slow change that brings cooler nights, warmer days, and that transition into the cold part of the year is not a normal one for us. Normally, we get a freeze just before Halloween that brings the most beautiful colored Fall leaves, followed the next day by 60 mph winds that blow all the leaves away.
I'm not saying that won't happen this year, I am  just saying we have a chance that maybe, if the weather holds and we hold our mouths just right, we might have more than a day of beauty around here.

I love this time of year.  The cool mornings, wearing a sweater with my shorts and flip-flops, sitting outside with coffee or pumpkin latte... mmmmm....
I love baking, and I found a recipe for pumpkin coffee cake with pecan pie crumble... mmmmm. When I find the recipe again, I'll link it here.  I don't know about you, but I am really excited about trying some new recipes. I have vowed that this year, I am going to perfect my pumpkin soup. I bought a "kit" to make some about 10 years ago and it was nasty. I don't like sweet soup, and this was sweet. I like savory soups, and have tried every now and then to make a pumpkin soup that is nice and savory, with just the right amounts of spices that let you know it is pumpkin, and keep it from the sweet side.  I bought a couple of pumpkins already, and I will write the recipes down so I won't leave it to chance if I make it right I want to be able to do it again!

Speaking of Fall.... I just entered a blog hop for Halloween!!!  I am so excited! it is Suburban Girl Studios Halloween/Day of the Dead Jewelry Bloghop and I can't wait to get started. The jewelry has to include at least one art bead, and I don't have much in the way of artbeads for Halloween... so I am making something. I don't know what yet, but we can narrow it down,
1. I know I won't be making anything out of glass....
2. I know I will be making something either for Halloween, or Day of the Dead.
3. I know it will have to uber-cool....
I have a love/hate relationship with Halloween. I love costumes and decorating for Halloween, but I don't like really celebrating the holiday, Extortion and strongarming aren't things I want to teach my kids, but it is so fun to go out and be a bit scared and giggy.... I can't refuse.  My son loves  to decorate the yard, he decided last year that he was too old to dress up.... he was just going to hand out candy... until the last minute and he decided he needed to be something. Zombie.
Well, that's all we could come up with at the last minute. He has a vampire cape but we couldn't find it, so zombie it was, he had fun, and went around with one of the neighbor kids, leaving me to hand out candy. He wants to be chained to the tree out front this year.... to scare the kids that come by.  I don't know if this will happen or not, Oh, we have the "chains" but I am thinking that it might not be such a good idea. We have a tall  statue we put on the front porch, that lights up and laughs eerily,  and a spider that drops down, and a creepy door mat that scares the crap out of you if you don't know it is there. We also have eyes in the bushes and spider webs and bugs and rats all over the floor of the entry way, I set up a "lab" complete with buzzards eggs, spare eyeballs,  Vampire coctails, etc.... it's fun, and the little kids get scared, the older ones usually don't until the spider drops on them... then they holler and we all laugh. I don't know about a live zombie.... maybe....


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