Monday, August 12, 2013

fixing my blog

When I looked at my blog a while back, and read what some of the people said about my work... well, about the colors I used... I looked at the blog and realized it wasn't me. I mean, it wasn't who  I  am... the look was nice and I liked the colors when I posted them, and the pictures I had taken were nice and pretty, but I looked at it with a different eye for the first time... and realized that it just wasn't me. It was the person that maybe I want to be??? maybe just they colors and pictures that I enjoy looking at, but they aren't me... does that make sense?   mmm. probably not, I am confused myself.

So I thought about what I love, and the colors that I love, and the colors that I have around me everyday, and decided that if I was going to be "me" on this blog... that I needed to make it look like me. I changed the colors of the background, and I changed the format, kind of... and some of the pictures... but I screwed up the ones that I kept... I don't know how I did it, but they all came out pretty small... and they look pretty awful. So I went back and tried to fix them, but nothing helped.

Today, I came across a picture of one of the fairies that I paint on everything from purses and totes to tooth fairy pillows and baby blankets... anyway, I thought it to be the perfect time to insert it into the side bar of the page, and replace the one that I had, that was tiny... I thought this would make it "fit" into the spot... well.. I told it not to shrink to fit it in... and it took up most of the page!

I went back and told it to shrink to fit... and it is the same size of the picture that I replaced.... Seems I can't make it a different size?

Mike and Grace's Anniversary Quilt, I wish it
was hanging straighter and was clearer so
you could see the beadwork and the
embroidery and needlework
I had stumbled on the picture of the wall hanging that I made my brother in law and his wife, for their anniversary, truly I had planned it for their wedding present, but there was no way to get it finished for that... who was I kidding... any way, I think I chose the colors around the red rose fabric. It was the fabric that Grace, my sister in law, chose for the little gift bags that she made for the reception, and it was pretty and nice, and I thought it would be kind of cool to make something out of it. I goofed around with this block... I think it is called East meets West...and thought it appropriate for their wedding... since he is from the West and she is from the East... and I did a larger hanging, but took it apart, now I wish I had left it larger... but I had decided that it wouldn't hang well, and that it was going to be cumbersome and they would never find a place to hang it... so, down I pared it... to this.

The only closeup
I need to go visit with
the camera. 
I wanted to post it, but figured that there was no way that it would show up if I put it in the side bar... so here it is...
 It is not a large piece, just 3'x5'... I wish I had a picture of the banner that I made for them. I will have to ask if they still have it and if they would be so gracious to get a pic of it... I am sure somewhere in the wedding pics there has to be one of it. I embroidered the sign for double happiness in yellow on red wool felt. I thought it came out nice. They used it as a banner in the gallery where they held their reception, and left it there for a while for the gallery to keep up, which pleased me.  They have this in their living room I think, at least that is where it was when I last visited... but they moved since then, so no telling where it ended up.

So then back to the blog, I realized that most of the work that I take pictures of, ones that I actually take a decent picture of... is with a dark background, and usually it is red, orange or some other warm color....what is up with that?  Why is it that I take pictures with colors like that? I don't like those colors... and I don't wear them much... and I don't know why I have so much material in those colors...except that I changed my booth from being draped in all white, with flower garlands around it... to a darker, warmer tent... since I don't make a lot of kids clothing and other items... I guess the idea was to go warmer, more mature... and I still do fairy wings... what's up with that?

 Even the flowers I put on my husband's grave are warm colors... but that is because they were the colors that he liked. On his Mom's grave next to his on the left... just out of shot... I do light colors for her. Usually white and purples, even in the winter, I try to do darker colors of purples and pinks. She liked purple so I guess that is why.
The old cabinets and wallpaper that I finally got rid of...
Now the kitchen isn't so horrible and dark... 
But that doesn't change why I seem to gravitate toward the darker colors... Is it just because they show up the jewelry better? or because they are more appealing when they are on the blog? Or is it because as I get older, my tastes are changing?  Maybe living in the house for so long with browns and darker colors... I am starting to like them? uuughhh! No, definitely not in the house. I have slowly but surely tried to take out the dark colors. It has been a long, hard journey at that, but it is finally coming around. I hate the dark colors... and the dog does as well. I don't see her on the floor even when I am looking down... she yelps when I step on her, and she moves over... sometimes she jumps up just because I am near... poor dog.

So, I guess I need to do more soul searching about what it is all about, this obsession it seems, with dark colors. Warm colors...

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