Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I had a doctor appointment yesterday. 
He said that he might be able to get me to see a little bit better out of the right eye once the swelling has gone down more... the scarring is pretty bad. All the way through the layers of the retina. The left eye is still swollen as well, but it is much better. I actually was able to see the chart!  He thinks he will have a better chance of seeing some if I keep up with the meds, I am just wanting to be able to work some. 
one of the pieces I took to the doctor

I actually took some of my work to him. I just thought he should know that the past four years, I have been struggling for vision so I can work. Just so he would know what it is that I do. How do you explain to someone that you bead? I've told him what I do, but I don't think he understood until he held a necklace in his hands. 

So when I showed him my work, and I told him, this is what I do... I need to be able to see at least some... it was like... he got it. He finally acted like there was a purpose to my visits. I don 't know, maybe I just didn't communicate to him that I can't see... If I can't see.. I can't work... I can't work... none of us eat... This is what I do... 
the other piece I took to the doctor

So today there is very little vision, the driving, which I thought would be ok... was taxing. The bright lights and the scans took their toll. The boys were angels but they were, well, boys. I didn't even take my prescription to the pharmacy. We went home and I laied down in the dark room and rested.  One of the neighbor boys stayed over so there was no fighting but there was a lot of giggling and noise... so I knew everything was ok.  We had supper and then more resting... today, it is a little hard to do very much. 

I am restless, and need to have something to keep my hands busy, I can't sit still for long, I just feel that I need to do something. I thought I'd work on some sewing. I have a box of pattern pieces that I've cut out and never got around to sewing together... the sum of three dragons, two quilts and odds and ends like frogs, birds and a pillow... all needing to be stitched up.

 Now, I've never said I was bright. 

I sat with the box (actually a little suitcase) and sifted through the pieces of fabric, and decided that one of the dragons looked cheery as much as a dragon can. So that is what I started on. The machine was set up with the thread anyway, so it was the least work.... the truth sometimes is better than trying to explain why I decide on anything... 

The only thing was, it was the black material with blue/green/black/white scale-like material for the belly, top of head, scales and arms. Oh, and the eye lids... so I thought I'd work on the eyes first, which is logical, which I haven't been in a while.  So I sewed on the eyelids, and thought about giving up... but decided if I could just get the head and tummy on, I would be ok. The rest of the work would be handwork and I could do that. The arms and legs aren't that bad, I can see on that fabric ok. 

I just don't understand where I went wrong.

I pinned everything, went slowly, took out pins when I got to them... and was careful when I got to curves, sharp turns, and I thought I got all the bits and pieces out of the way...
When I turned the little bugger, I found his head was turned to the side. I couldn't get it to go straight. I have no idea why....
OK, so I sewed a little of the black fabric onto itself when I turned a sharp corner... but that isn't any reason that I ended up with a couple of inches extra fabric at the bottom. This is a mystery to me... how do you end up with extra fabric? Especially when you pin it all...
I don't know what I did.

The whole thing looks lumpy and bumpy and really odd. 

So I put it away for another day, and decided to help the boys draw dragons instead of sewing. The older of the two made a smelly dragon, that leaves gas clouds where ever he has been.  The younger boy drew a dragon eye.. and didn't want to draw anything else.He did finally draw swords and diamonds, and made several pages of drawings... I actually love his eye. it is pretty cool.
he ended up drawing a diamond, sword and some funky chicken feet?

 I promised we would get the clay and marbles out tomorrow and make some eyes for the stuffed toys. They thought that would be fun. They both love the pasta machine.  After that, I have some fairy houses that need painted. I know where to get day labor... cheap. 


  1. Ouch I really hope your eyes improve. The boys' farting dragon made me giggle!

    1. Thank you! The visits to the doctor are always hard, but day by day the swelling is going down, I am still hopeful that I'll be left with some vision in the right eye. The left is better after a few days of resting. Light still hurts, but I can see!!!
      The smelly dragon is really funny, he ended up coloring it in and hanging it on his wall! green gases and all :)


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