Sunday, June 09, 2013

Me complaining

I was on Facebook earlier and saw this link, or the link that took me to a list of links with this one on it... and I thought. wow! haven't used this stuff in years. fabric laminate used to be my favorite! I made baby bibs, chair cushions for our patio, pillows for all the outdoor chairs, bags, lunch sacks, all sorts of stuff!  Then one day, I went to get another roll of it, and it was no more. I don't know whatever happened to the stuff, but when I saw this blog on Sewing Secrets- a blog by coats and clark, I nearly jumped for joy! I know it is old, but if it was around in '10 it has to be around now!  So, I think in honor of summer, I am going to make some pillows for the Adirondack  chairs, which are so uncomfortable to sit in now that I'm old! I remember sleeping in the ones we had when I was a little girl... I don't know what happened, but I grew and the chairs got smaller.... not so comfy and cozy anymore, sooo.... I looked the product up and found it at JoAnn's which is wicked since we just got a JoAnn's in town, but sad to say it is one of those products that is online only...JoAnn's , why do you mock me?.........................argh.................................

OK, it is the first weekend of official Summer here, not really Summer yet, since the solstice is on the 20th, but the official none-the-less with school out, graduation last night, and we are able to sleep in--official start of Summer!!!! All is bright and hot in the world!.... We made it through another school year, without me being sent to jail for my son's sick days, or for me yelling and threatening the staff, or making a public nuisance of myself. I call that a good year!  Fang took his lunch the last month or so of school, which helped me tremendously, and I am going to say why... the whole of the cafeteria at the school is most likely (only put in most likely as a disclaimer that I will not be sued for libel or slander) are a bunch of gansters or highway robbers, Mob, or hoods ... I took money and had it put into my son's account, he told me after school that his account didn't have any money in it, and this isn't the first time. It has happened over and over again.

 I am furious still, we had such a hard time with that stupid cafeteria. I have funded someone's vacations or new cars, or at the least someone's kids lunches. I don't know if it is a mistake, or if it is incompetence, or if it is a glitch.... or if it is corruption, but I'm not the only one that has had trouble with this place. It is a disgrace when kids get nothing but a plain sandwich because they don't have money in their account, and it is a disgrace when they get the bread and meat and water when their parents work hard and make sure the kids have money in the account, just to find it isn't there. So... I am protesting again, and he won't eat in the cafeteria again for the next year. I think I will offer to make all his classmates lunches if they will boycott it as well. I could do pizza, chicken, spaghetti, hamburgers at half the cost for their lunches and make them more nutritious and healthy and have less waste. They buy all frozen foods and tout that they don't fry anything, but don't explain that their fry has as much saturated fat or more than the regular fried potatoes... Yes, I am that mad.

The ladies in the office tell me that I have to complain to the ladies in the lunch room... which is a waste of time, I complained and they told me that my son was probably getting second helpings... which I know isn't true. I ate lunch with him and saw what he ate, and I know for sure on that day, that he had one lunch, no dessert, and one drink and they told me he had charged two lunches. It isn't rocket science people! If a parent comes in with x amount of $ then put it on the account, take away the amount each day... and at the end of the year, either roll over the amount left over, or give the opportunity to donate the leftover money to students that are less fortunate... and that would be great! We've never had a balance, even though my son takes extra money every day and they won't allow change to be given back.. so he should in theory have a little extra in his account... I have only missed one day sending money all year. ........sigh............. I am now in the lunch business, anyone is free to call me up and order!

I am supposed to teach this summer, classes and camps and all, I still don't know what is going to happen, my sight is getting worse by the day, and I don't know what will happen, it is so bad that I can't see the screen right now, more than a blur of white and black with the little bits of orange and blue on the sides. I know what they are, but I can't for the life of me figure out what they say. I will have my son hit publish for me, I am sure it is hte rectangular orange blob on the right top of this page, but not really. I do ok for a ffew minutes and then it is so blurry that I can't make out much. It is to the point of being frustrating and just a tad bit scary. I am giving up driving for the time being, since the sun hurts my eyes even with pretty strong sunglasses, and I just am afraid that I won't see something.  Soooo, I plan on sewing and metal work and things that don't take too much vision, and can be done with handy-dandy magnifying glasses or I can sit for a while and then walk away from.... that is the best thing I can think of right now. Doing something that I like but that isn't too taxing.

 Other than my eyes, it has been kind of difficult lately, my knees and feet are giving me a tough time, but it is bearable, and I thank God evey day that my hands aren't hurting like they used to, and my back, chest and armpit are much better, the pain and swelling and lumps are nearly gone away, Yipee!!!!  My diet and lifestyle change is helping more and more, it is really hard, especially when I have had to take so many of the things I love, or at least, away. In the past 12 years I have found  out that I have severe allergies or sensitivities to eggs, peanuts, tomatoes, mushrooms, molds, grapes, strawberries, melons, amaranthus, and  a host of trees, grasses, and have triggers for asthma such as caliche dust and cigarette smoke..... sigh, and I can't tolerate gluten.

Before I had my son, I felt horrible all the time, I hurt all over, was sick almost constantly with sore throats and strep infections, had matted eyes all the time, had headaches, migraines, hives off and on, bloating constantly and seriously had issues with depression and anxieties. I was taking allergy shots, steroid shots, daily asthma and allergy meds, AND using over the counter allergy meds and decongestants to keep the allergies at bay, never knowing if something was going to send me over the edge into a full blown case of hives (like fumes from inks or one bite of something). I was in overload constantly. Since I have restricted these and a few others, I have found that I feel so much better, Now?  I haven't had allergy shots and only steroids once for a really bad kidney infection, and... no asthma meds and only the occasional decongestant for seasonal allergies (usually brought on by dust storms in the Spring).  It is amazing that before I never knew what was making me feel so bad, I never quite knew what was going to make me feel bad, now, I can immediately tell if I eat something that it is making my mouth itch and swell, my tummy hurt, or give me hives. Before, my mouth was so raw that I never really tasted food, oh, I loved pizza or strawberry shortcake, but, now, if I eat something, I can taste it, really taste it, not just the smell or the texture, which is what it was before. I smell something and it makes me hungry, but the taste usually doesn't register. Odd... but now, I feel so much better, and my mouth can taste the different herbs, the delicate flavors, and I am so amazed.
I think that the caffeine is the hardest thing to get rid of, and the scare with the lumps in my breast and armpits were enough to decide that caffeine is out for good.... but... there again, it is so tempting to have a cup of black tea. It is my favorite thing in the morning to have a nice cup of tea and maybe a piece of toast, and sit and watch the world come alive...

 I have tried herbal teas, and my sister-in-law, Grace, gave me a large box of Jasmine tea (I love it!) but sometimes, I want breakfast tea. You know, that dark, delicious, stuff with a tiny bit of natural cane sugar and a bunch of fake creamer in it... But, since I have substituted herbal, and I have given up Dr. Pepper, and Sweet Tea, I am so much better. The swelling has subsided and the pain associated with it, I can raise my arm above my head, which is a blessing that I can shave under my arm!!! But I won't lie, it is so hard to not eat with everyone. I can't go to the pizza place and just have a baked potato... I want a piece of pizza, and if everyone has soda, I want that DP or a Cherry Coke.... It is so hard to do this, but the alternative is so much worse.  Now,  if I could just stay completely away from caffeine and gluten.... but....all is better and I think I will live for a while yet. Too many projects still left undone, I can't die anytime soon!!!

I wish everyone a good Summer, and thanks for letting me ranrt and rave, I needed that!

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