Friday, June 21, 2013


I reread my last blog post, and I changed the name from Sewing to.... Me Complaining. I realized that I complained through the whole of the post. About the school cafeteria to my eyes, to the allergies, and everything in between. Sorry....
I have a partial diagnosis to my eyes, and I am on a new medication to help that specific problem, and I don't know if it will help or not, but... we are trying this out, to see if we can do something more to help this specific problem. Then we will work on the next part, and hopefully will see (ha, no pun intended) what can be done to help the right eye. I am all for shots in it, but, I don't have a good insurance policy that would cover any experimental drugs, and I am not able to work right now.

The weather is beautiful here, we have had rain, or what I consider rain, off and on the past week, not any accumulation, but it has been cooler. Last year it was scorching hot, now, I know it is only the beginning of Summer... but it is beautiful!!! The kids have been able to play outside and I have been sitting outside in the morning and evening, for as long as I can. I have this crazy urge to go camping! I am craving something, anything, cooked over an open fire. I miss camping a lot, and my son is really wanting to go off into the wilderness and camp, so, first thing we are going to do when I can see a little, is to go camping, off in the wilderness, away from civilization completely, rough it for a week (or as long as I can stand it!).

My son had a birthday this week, we didn't celebrate or make a fuss, he's having his party on Saturday. I did make a little fuss, I made him Pork Chops, couscous with pine nuts and peas, stuffed jalepanos, and salad, I didn't make a cake, his sister had sent him an edible bouquet for his birthday and that is what we had for dessert.  He's going to have a few of his family and buddies out to ride go carts and have cake this weekend. He got part of his gifts already, water guns, not the little water pistols that I used to play with... these are the super-duper, even take batteries, kind of big guns that he is so tickled about.  And he got poppers, those irritating little things that you throw at the ground and they pop... leaving tiny gravel all over the place... I go barefoot a lot!  The boys favorite thing to do with those things is to stick a pile of them under the mat in front of the door and wait for someone to step on it... such a boy.

I signed up for the  Bead Hoarder's Blog Hop, that Lori Anderson has put together. I am really excited about doing some work. It won't be intricate, but there are so many possibilities for what to make. There is a whole drawer in the workroom to pick from for this hop. You simply go through your stash, and pick out something that you have had put back, waiting for the right accents, or inspiration, or just time.... and use it to create a piece. The reveal is July 20th and I can 't wait to see all the creations. That is the best part of the hop to me, the reveal... there are so many wonderful designers out there, and it is so nice to see what they have come up with. The last blog hop was wonderful, it was the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party and it was filled with talented people with extraordinary creations. If you have a bit to go to the link on Pretty Things Blog do so and check out some of the designers. It is well worth the look, and you can't just stop at one or two, you get caught up in the list and sit for hours looking at the spectacular talent.

Alas, there is so much that I would like to write now, but my eyes are more than blurry. Time for drops and rest.

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