Friday, May 24, 2013


It is Friday, thank the good Lord! The long weekend is just what we all need I think.
The weather is cooler today, loads of rain all around, the lakes will surely have a bit of water now. All seems right in the world after a good rain. Spirits are brighter today, sorry I was so glum yesterday. Really, rain is such a mood lifter, the air is clearer, the gentle breeze is a bit brisker, and i swear that the leaves are a bit greener this morning.

I did my general browsing of Facebook and some blogs and I'm almost off to my son's school. Today is the last day of GT, and they are having a carnival type event for the classes. One of the projects over the past few weeks has been for the kids to make a carnival game out of a cardboard box. One that takes a little skill and will be fun. They have refreshments, though I have never been to a carnival where they serve only nutritious snacks. I sent kumquats for the kids, we happened onto them at the store and they were on sale. My son didn't want me to send anything, he doesn't like my nutritious cookies or muffins, so these were acceptable to him. He did say that no one would eat them, sigh. He's at that age it seems.

The tool box that my husband bought for me.
While looking through blogs, I came across this one at  Art Jewelry Elements , which by the way, always has great articles. Today Linda Landig wrote about keeping the jewelry elements that you have in neat and tidy order. You know, so you can find bits and pieces to actually work? Me? meh, I do sometimes and sometimes I don't. I am pretty messy, if you have looked at some of my pictures, you will see that very quickly. Well... Linda has this wonderful antique printer's cabinet, which I am so envious of, and it serves to keep her beads and baubles very neat. She writes that even her beautiful storage solution gets out of control, and she has gotten a grip with some cleaver and practical organization.

I bought some plastic drawers over the years, that serve ok, but they are not divided and things get lost. My husband gave me a couple of wooden tool chests that I used for my sewing tools, you know, extra needles, scissors, rulers, and odds and ends. The other tool box has my jewelry tools in it, well, at least a few. Files, calipers, nifty one purpose tools go in one drawer, templates go in another, and so on, but it is woefully too small to really be of use for that purpose. They are nice, but there is a lot of lost space, really. The lid opens upward and I don't have a lot of space so I stack stuff on top, which renders that space... wasted.
So a while back, I was thinking about how to remedy the problem of not being able to find things, so I bought some cheap drawer dividers at Dollar Tree. Cheap solution to the problem, but it wasn't really what I needed. I was sitting there thinking, after reading that blog, how could I create some kind of printer's box out of the drawers that I have?

drawer with divided box inside
I think I have a solution. We were at Lowe's a year or so ago, and found some divided clear plastic boxes on sale, four for $4  kind of thing. I of course bought them, thinking that they would be good when I take my little jewelry suitcase with me, the boxes stack into it like they were made specifically for it. Well, I didn't like storing beads in them when I am at home. If I leave them in the suitcase, they aren't where I can use them, and if they are on the shelf, they don't always sit still, you know, when you need something on the bottom of the stack, it is always, always, something in the bottom box that you need,  and things tend to go flying when you dig to the bottom. Well.... I had this terrific idea-- the boxes are like printer's boxes, and they fit just into the plastic drawers with just a bit on the side and the length, but there is enough room for little plastic tubs, and that is what I keep

 I cut the lid off the first one to see if I would like it, and guess what??? I do! I can stack several up and they aren't hard to lift up to see what is under. I am going to start sifting through them and do all white, all pink, all blue, etc. I think that is a good idea, and I will put the seeds back into the little containers to store. I used the baby food containers for a long time, but seem to have lost them, one by one, and have none left. I like these little containers that you can get 6 for a dollar. Perfect size, and I can slip one in my purse with my little scissors, thread and enough beads to keep me busy while I am waiting on my son or at the doctors. I keep my magnifying glasses in my purse now, I can't see to read small  fonts anymore and they come in handy for reading as well as for beadwork.

I have been struggling with my vision more and more, and I've come to the decision that I am going to not take any more orders after the end of the month, at least for anything made from seed beads. I will keep doing metal work and probably some larger necklaces and bracelets, but I have to take a break from the tedious work for at least a while, or at least cut back on the amount that I do. I still have a class later on in the Summer, I have committed to teaching and I am hoping and praying that I can keep that obligation, Summer Camps are possibly on the back burner, but I have a bit to find out if I will be able to have anything done or not. We'll see, or in my case, maybe not see. sigh.

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