Monday, May 13, 2013

After Mother's Day

Good Monday morning to everyone, hope everyone that is a mother or was born to a mother, had a nice and peaceful day yesterday. A late Happy Mother's Day to all. We had my mother for the weekend, she was delightful, if not a handful. My son came in and told me something that she was sorting through and I had to remind him that it is almost like having younger kids over. Put away the things that you don't want her to break or tear up, and don't let her fall and get hurt, make sure she has plenty to eat and drink, and keep her clean and warm.  Those are the rules with kids, and now it seems it is more and more the rule with Mom.
Saturday Morning brunch
Sunday Morning table setting, the boy did pretty good!
She enjoyed herself I think, we made doughnuts Saturday morning, and Sunday morning, my son made brunch for us. Bacon and eggs, toast and sliced watermelon. . He also brought in flowers out of the garden, which by the way is blooming like crazy since we had that late freeze. The roses might be a bit worse for the wear, but they are beautiful and full, and the prettiest red! Have I mentioned that my son is 10, almost 11? I am so proud of the way he helps out so much, and I am so glad that he at least knows how to make breakfast... and with a little urging he can make toasted cheese sandwiches and microwaveable food! If something should happen to me, I know he can at least eat! ha.

We started out today with a warm morning, dry so I didn't sit outside to drink my tea. I don't make tears anymore and I try to stay out of the dry air if possible. I do love to sit out in the morning though. On days that it is warm and humid I will take my coffee out and sit on the chair on the front porch and watch the birds and neighbors come to life. The birds are earlier risers than the neighbors, but I am getting to where I don't get up as early as I used to either.

Reworking my supply lists for Summer camp at the college this morning, the revisions should have already been made since it is such a short time until Summer is upon us. The supply lists for my regular classes are going to be posted on the website, which makes sense. I think I am going to like the new staff in this department. Really energetic, and when you have more than one or two in the department that want to suceed, it makes all the difference.   School will be out shortly and then it will be non-stop for the next three months, with camps and Summer classes and preparations for the Fall. I used to roll my eyes when my mother would say something like, I don't know where the time goes... but I know now what she was talking about.

I announced on another page about my eye situation. I have been having more and more problems with my vision, I am going to slow down on my bead work, for a while at least, until I can find out if there is a solution to the problems. I am taking orders for new work until the end of this month and then only very special orders will be taken until I find out if I can get my vision to stabilize.  I am going to try to work more and more on my metal pieces. Maybe this will be the opportunity to polish my skills in that area. I love working with metal, but I haven't gone much more beyond working with copper and brass and just a tiny bit of silver... this should be fun, finding out if I like it enough to make it my main medium.

This is a necklace that I have been working on today, I think it is sold already. I did another blue necklace before Christmas as a gift for a friend, it was Royal Blue and silver, I don't even have a picture to post of it, I had been sick and was busy and didn't take pictures at all, but this one is almost the same, only difference is the focal which was teardrop Lapis,  and the shells I had used silver beads instead.. This will have a chain connected by jump rings into eyelets in the main piece and maybe some fabric with silver wrap, something other than the silk that is used for the backing. I didn't sketch this out, it  just ended up being something that I wanted to do. I had the silk shantung in this color and found the tiles in the same shade and I thought about some shells that I had, and that is how it came to be. And the beginnings of the yellow beaded brooch,
 it will be circular with a backing of silver wire and a silver pin topped with the same type crystal and yellow seed beads. I have made a lot of these but I don't wear one. I have a brooch that is my favorite.  I got it while in Annan, Scotland, at a bagpipe competition (  Annan Riding of the Marches Pipeband Contest ) and I treasure it and wear it a lot... however I have lost a couple of stones from it, sadly not finding the stones were missing until I came home from a festival where I had bumped into the display table and knocked the brooch off and it went scooting across the floor.... stones flying I am sure, but I had a customer and didn't have time to look at it, just grabbed it up and went on until I got home and took it out of my bag.... I don't have a clue who could replace them, I could find something to put back into them, but the glass is so unique... I am really sad they are missing. I might make a brooch for myself out of amethyst  and crystals and dark purple seeds but it wouldn't be the same.
My favorite brooch from the Annan Riding of the Marches Pipeband Contest

Baby's growing quickly, this one is brave!

The good daddy! Feeding the babies that have been squawking!
Mr Finch feeding Mrs Finch???

Mr Finch looking regal this morning
Mr Finch on the nest
I am still obsessed with the Finch family that is nesting in the flower arrangement by the front door. Mr Finch has been singing and the little ones are talking back to him. I got to watch him feeding them, which is so cute. He also sat on a branch and what I first thought was a juvenile Finch came up and he fed it. After a minute or two, it looked more like Mrs. Finch. I don't know much about birds, does the male feed the female?  guess google is in order?
Babies aren't so scared now, at least two are able to look around

Hope you all have a blessed week.

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