Friday, June 15, 2012

physical perceptions

So I have had another eye surgery, just to clear away some of the scar tissue... hopefully it will work and I will have better results than I did in my right eye. I am still hoping that I will have more progress with the right eye though. Since I can't "see" I started working on a trio of fairies.  They will be on stands, 'dancing'  around something, I think maybe I'm leaning towards a fairy ring... but I just wanted to start the fairies while I had them in my head

So I have been complaining about the perception that a lot of men have about the size of women that are acceptable to date. I came across a picture on a friend's wall of Marilyn Monroe and a guy commented on how he didn't like women that heavy. Heavy? So I went on a rant about it... and got some mixed answers that ranged from agreement with the crazy guy to disbelief that someone would judge on solely a woman's size :)
So I started looking at the fairies that I am making, and realized that I perpetuate the image of tiny, thin, wisps of women.  I turned the body to the side and to the back and was kind of appalled that this isn't the first sculpture that I have made of a fairy that was this size... and she is anorexic.  Yes, I do take into account that they will be clothed in human size cloth.. and if not tiny, they will look huge when they are finished... but why isn't that ok?

I guess I have to do some soul searching don't I?  What is it in the human psyche that makes us like the look of tiny things? I know as a mother tiny round babies are so fascinating and beautiful. I can just sit and look at a picture of a cherubic baby for hours. I can almost smell the baby. I think that is a mother for you. Like Fineas and Ferb making a Momattractor. It was distracted by the giant baby Cryinator... matter of fact, all the women in town were distracted... except one that was a journalist? at a mayoral appearance... was she not a mom?  Is it not effective on non-moms?  OK, I digress....

I'm hoping to get back to work on some beads next week... right now, I have a workshop to teach on Saturday and my son's 10th birthday party on Sunday, and Monday is his real birthday, and the new Lego Batman comes out on Tuesday... We are booked up for a few days :)  But back to work on Wednesday next.

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  1. I think I would like to do some plump fairies. I see women at the festivals that are my size or bigger wearing fairy costumes and feeling good about themselves... so why not dolls as well?


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